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Meet Big Dawood: The Man Touching Lives In Ghana

In Ghana, BIG DAWOOD is one of the philanthropists and peacemakers who has built a well-deserved reputation as a result of his generosity, integrity, and security accomplishment.
Over the years, BIG DAWOOD who has been christened as a lover of kids has been embarking on charitable activities by donating snacks, and educational materials to school children as part of efforts to help improve teaching and learning.

The philanthropist in partnership with My Voice for the Poor Foundation (Europe last year presented over 3,000 textbooks to St. Peter’s R/C Basic School in Central Region & his also the Founder of My Voice for the Poor Foundation in Ghana

BIG DAWOOD believes that in order to achieve high-quality education, both teachers and students must have access to learning resources and logistics. He also stormed Accra earlier this year, donating free food to hawkers in order to uplift them with positive energy.
Currently, he has taken it upon himself to provide free transportation to Accra commuters in order to facilitate their movement.

He has earned a well-deserved reputation among his peers, superiors, and the general public as a great defender of goodwill. As he never ceases to stand up to lawbreakers, especially defending women.
He has been noted as a law protector, a provider for the poor, a peacemaker, and a friend to the needy because his golden aim is to put unending joy on the faces of the masses, especially the vulnerable.

His unique stature stems from his love for bodybuilding. His stern demeanor is certain to impress you, but his warm smile, professional mannerisms, and kind heart will always endure you to him.
Throughout Ghana, the name BIG DAWOOD has become synonymous with integrity, security, accomplishment, and generosity.

BIG DAWOOD is likely to be seen handing out snacks to school children, uplifting them with positive energy, handing food to hawkers, and providing free transport to commuters. He never ceases to stand up to lawbreakers, especially defending women.
BIG DAWOOD’s accomplishments as a businessman, negotiator, foreign relations Ambassador, land developer, and conflict resolution specialist, are accumulating as quickly as his reputation.

He is a man of great generosity, a man of service, it is said that to be great one has to serve, that is BIG DAWOOD. You are always poised to learn a thing or two from him.
Standing tall among a new group of impactful and fast-rising public figures, BIG DAWOOD is forging a path to the summit of Ghana’s future leaders.

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