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2022 Top 50 NGOs in Africa list announced by ICS Africa

ICS Africa Limited (Impact Concept and Solutions Africa Limited), a leading Pan African Events and Business Solutions Company has released the Top 50 NGOS in Africa 2022 list.

The list includes top local and international institutions who through their works have been social impact game-changers and whose influence in Africa cannot be underestimated. They have also contributed a significant amount of finances and expertise to ensure growth and development in various sectors on the continent.

Through their works, these organizations are identified as pacesetters whose initiatives and support have changed the lives of millions of persons across the African continent.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation, UNICEF, GIZ, CAMFED, Mastercard Foundation, MTN Foundation Ghana, MEST Africa, Vodafone Foundation, AMREF, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Operation Smile, Smile Foundation, Doctors without Boarders and MTN Foundation and other laudable NGOs in Africa are noted for their fight against climate change, border crisis and  poverty.  Others have also played key roles in the areas of health, technology, entrepreneurship and terrorism.

The inaugural list was compiled and published in March 2020 to highlight the influence of NGOs at the thick of the coronavirus pandemic while the 2022 list is launched in September to commemorate World Charity Day.

Africa’s leading PR, rating, and research organization, Avance Media have been partners since the maiden compilation.

Founder and Chief Executive of ICS Africa, Emmaline Datey, noted that the annual rankings of Top NGOs in Africa will continue to serve as a motivation to encourage NGOs or social impact organizations who have made a difference in Africa to continue to make lasting impact as well as encourage more emerging NGOs to continue to grow their brands through selfless service to Africans in consistent excellence, integrity, creativity and innovation.



2. World Vision Africa


4. Nyagi

5. West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF)

6. Junior Achievement Africa

7. Save the Children Nigeria

8. The Nelson Mandela Foundation

9. Merck Foundation

10. Greenpeace Africa

11) Ape Action Africa 

12) AWARE Trust 

13) Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation International 

14) OWIT International

15) Voluntary Service Overseas

16) Etijah 

17) Green Belt Movement 

18) Africans Rising

19) High Atlas Foundation 

20) International Anti-Poaching Foundation 

21) Red Cross Society 

22) Leading Youth, Sport & Development Project 

23) Little Light Uganda 

24) British Council

25) Samburu Project 

26) Save the Children Nigeria  

27) Somali Women & Development Center 

28) Tazanian Children’s Fund 

29) Tostan 

30) Ubuntu Education 


32) Water School 

33) GIZ


35) Mastercard Foundation

36) MTN Foundation Ghana

37) MEST Africa


39) Vodafone Foundation


41) Tony Elumelu Foundation 

42) Operation Smile

43) Smile Foundation

44) Doctors without Boarders

45) Care International

46) Plan International

47) Amnesty International

48) Ford Foundation

49) SOS Children’s Villages

50) Action Aid

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