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The most powerful person on any negotiation table is the one who is willing to walk away without a deal.

The person that must have a deal is usually the weakest and most vulnerable on that negotiation table.

It doesn’t matter what the table is; whether it is a negotiation for peace in a marriage, or negotiation for a seat on the board, or negotiation for a stake in the market, it doesn’t matter what it is, what is true is that if you have to negotiate anything, a part of you must have the resolve to walk your way out of that table without taking anything away - that is when you gain so much power.

All my life, one of the sharpest arrows in my quiver is the art of negotiation, I have found that most of us settle for less because of the fear of not getting anything at all.

Tomorrow I will share an encounter I had with the management of intercontinental bank many years ago when I was introduced to the Bank by one Mr. Victor Akangbe who headed the I.T of the Bank at the time, the Bank engaged me at a table with a very mouth-watering offer, this negotiation lasted for 3 weeks, full of back and forth of counter offers until I eventually rejected it…it eventually became the best decision I ever took.

Tomorrow at the MasterClass I will unravel the full story, and show the step-by-step process of negotiation I went through with the Bank, why I rejected it, and how I eventually benefited more from the rejection.

Have you been terrible at negotiations? Do you feel uncomfortable when it is time to ask for more? How valuable is your perceived value?

Let’s talk more tomorrow at the MasterClass, Redemption House, at 10 am.

See you there!


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