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Its almost impossible to build a great business without the following


Ekow Mensah 

1. The definite desire to build a great business 

2. The commitment to learning how great businesses are built, managed and consistently grown. 

3. The first hand experience in working in a great business 

4. The dedication to excellence and consistent value creation 

5. The development and implementation of systems and structures for operational efficiency and accountability

6. The establishment of corporate governance structure with the presence and function of an effective board.

7. The development of a result-oriented but people centered corporate culture 

8. The roll out of products and services that have a market and constant demand 

9. Establishment of relationship with financiers including investors and bankers 

10. Identification, deployment and effective management of great talent 

11. Keeping an unwavering eye on cash flow and ensuring the consistent presence of cash and investments

12. The exhibition of visionary leadership, courage, empathy and the constant development of other leaders in accordance with a succession plan 

13. Excellent customer service and the presence and implementation of a repeat customer management system 

14. Acute focus on the ultimate goal of building a great business and working on achieving that daily!!!! 

Having a desire to have a great company is not enough, dedicate yourself to the above 14 steps and it will be possible for you. 

If you ever need assistance or someone to hold you accountable, sign me up and let's build your dream business together.

Ekow Mensah 

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