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Women empowerment, women empowerment, ok cool. Great initiative honestly.

We have spent so much time, money and other resources in creating awareness and empowering women. So now we have women who are bold, hardworking, adventurous, career-driven, rich, influential, independent, self-confident and with a very healthy high self-esteem - it’s fantastic.

But whilst we were busy empowering the Women, we left the men unattended to, so now we have disempowered men who do not understand what it takes to love, manage and enjoy a full bouquet of a strong woman that comes with everything amazing including her audacity to demand for what is rightfully hers, what is supposed to be a blessing and a thing of enjoyment for the Men has now become a threat to their ego, low self-esteem, deeply rooted male chauvinism and patriarchal biases.m and are now avoiding being with these empowered women, leaving them single and not finding it easy to settle with their dream man and start a family in a harmonious, nuclear home.

The world is always getting it wrong with the fact that, to fix a problem, there must be a balance. If you fix one side and leave the other, you are likely to create what in System Design we call; Cobra Effect.

There are so many amazing single, successful and independent, career women out there now who aren’t finding the right partners because the men we forgot to empower, have an unrenewed and antiquated mindset that is unable to actually see the beauty and value in having the empowered woman as a partner, because whilst we were busy empowering the women, we forgot to also educate the men in a way that will change their worldview and prepare them to accept the newly empowered woman of today. 

Today the men we forgot to also empower don’t want to take care of the empowered women, infact some married women rather are the ones paying rent for their homes and paying utilities whilst the man just lazy away or find excuses to just not take up responsibility of leadership in that home. I know a Man who hasn’t paid kids fees or utility bills for 6 straight years! The woman carries all the burden. Then when such men have the least opportunity, they scream SUBMISSION, how can a woman submit to a man who is not leading? 

Submission will happen naturally to a good woman if the Man is seen to take the forte and lead with wisdom and keeping the home by providing care, love, protection and money for the family - the woman will submit without much effort. It however becomes difficult for a woman to submit when the man is sitting at the back seat of the Bus, and she doesn’t want the bus to run into the ditch and destroy her and the kids - so she is forced to jump into the driver’s seat and run the show - don’t blame the empowered woman, blame the disempowered Man!

Women empowerment is good, but next time, let us carry the men along. So we don’t have the situation where we have fixed the women alright, but the damaged men remain unfixed and therefore making the women still unfit for the unrenewed men. Men empowerment doesn’t mean we want to make them more powerful and domineering, no, on the contrary we want to help them tone down their execessive energy, and desire to rule arbitrarily, we want to teach the men to be open-minded, flexible, patient and to accommodate so many progressive thinking, like understanding that a woman who has built a career with her father’s surname for 20 years before marrying a man, may not have to lose her surname completely to a new family of the man, merely because of the effect of the Union of marriage, that men will understand that it won’t kill anyone if she still maintained her name just for the purpose of her personal brand, career brand or business brand, that at the best compromise, her father’s surname and her new husband’s surname could be hyphenated, whilst the kids take their father’s surname as usual. And Nobody will die in the process.

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