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WHEN MEN FALL, DONT LAUGH (The Bounce Back story of a defunct Ghanaian Financial Services CEO)

If you are a Child of Wisdom, there are so many life experiences that should keep you grounded and humble no matter how well you are doing in Life. 

Few years ago, a Man I know was running a Finance Company, he had so much money and was doing a lot of big things. I was so inspired that I arranged Business and Life Lesson Classes with him for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2 hours to teach me about money and business success. I used to go to him for classes with a book and pen and take notes. He will give me assignments, send me problem questions and scenarios for me to solve and I will diligently do the assignment and submit it. He will mark it, review it and send me a short report on what I got right and what I got wrong.

Fast forward, Banking Sector clean-up took away his finance company, he lost everything except a few excavators he had that was sustaining him and his family gradually.

Then he lost the excavators to the Galamsey Operations that happened some time ago where the machines were being burnt on site. He became very broke, it became so bad at some point he sold his only car to help pay his kids fees and took Uber/Taxi when he is stepping out.

I knew he wasn’t as liquid as he used to be, but I didn’t know things had gotten that bad until one day, he sent me a text;

“BigG, I think I need your help at this point, I am ashamed, dying, getting depressed. You business and life lesson teacher needs the student now to help”

When I saw it, I was gripped with thawing emotions, I immediately called him and asked what is the problem, he said it wasn’t a phone discussion so if I can come home. I moved immediately and went to his house (He had lost his mansion to a court case and now living in a small rented apartment with the family), he then told me all what I have shared and more, so many damning personal stuff I can’t share those on here, but it was very disheartening. Honestly, after he was done, I wept. 

I then told him that his adversity hasn’t changed how I see him, and that I will still come to him anyday to learn, I we prayed together for like an hour, then I drove him out for lunch to cheer him up and put some smile on is face - I think I am blessed with an anointing of inspiring people and giving them hope to bring them out of the feelings of despair and giving up, because by the time we were done with lunch he felt better.

I then kindly offered to pay the kids fees and also his rent that always almost due, he was grateful and cheerfully surprised. I then told him that I will be sending him an amount monthly as family upkeep till he is able to bounce back. I have been doing this every month from last year all through 2021 till now, but guess what? 

Yesterday he called me, sounding so excited, I didn’t understand, I asked him what is the joy about? Oh wow, a friend he gave $150,000 to 6 years ago as an interest-free seed for his business, just returned from the United States and came to pay back the money and even added a Car to it!

Guys, that’s almost a Million Cedis, for a Man who sometimes orders Uber and calls me to pay the Under driver for him. He is super excited, I went to him today, we stepped out and had a Glass of Wine to celebrate his journey of bouncing back. Well, now he has settled to go into Agric, he says he won’t do financial services again, he already has some farm lads in the village, he is going into Agric full time.

When I drove back to his house to drop him, he, sitting next to me on the driver side, held my hand, removed my fist from the Gear pole, and pulled me closer to himself, rubbed his hands over mine and start tearing. I was so touched, “You saved me and my Family, BigG, I am forever grateful.”

We exchanged emotional words, he got down and I drove off. I got home, and voila, I saw a flat envelope on the seat, I opened and it was a cheque written to BigGodwin Martey, with a small note saying, “You are a good man, thank you for everything”.

The amount on the cheque is crazy, infact I wanted to post the cheque and blot his name, but my instincts advised otherwise.


1. Generally, you should respect everyone regardless of their status, but when you have extraordinary respect for people because of their wealth, fame or status, don’t lose that respect for them when they fail. Life can be cruel sometimes, don’t be an agent of the propagation of its Cruelty.

2. Be Kind, the World is full of pain and despair, be a beacon of Hope. Show more kindness to people when they are down to nothing. 

3. Do not rejoice over people’s fall, do not gossip people’s misfortunes, it is a sign of disloyalty and a dysfunctional Spirit.

4. Understand that life can change for anyone at anytime, so if even you are up today, treat people well. This man was very good to me, so I didn’t struggle to help him back all through to even last month end. 

I remember somewhere in 2014, he helped me pay Salaries at Websoft for 3 months from his personal savings.

5. Don’t wait to fail by yourself to learn, you can learn through Wisdom by observing life and learning from those who have gone ahead of you and fallen. Be prudent in your ways, respect money, treat it well and be frugal, a Man who could throw a lavish party and spend so much, got to a point where he needed 75cedis to pay an Uber Driver, which I had to pay for him.




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