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The National Union of Ghana Students is the mother body of students’ union across the country whose establishment and existence is traceable from the 1930s. It has through various epochs transitioned through significant administrations and currently, with the Jay Hyde Led Administration. It has also fed on, or rather, drunk from the pools of greatly instituted developmental mechanisms that has outstandingly manifested in the core of her architecture through to the evident vivacity of her continual existence. 

To wit, beyond any doubt, do assert that the Yiadom Boakye’s ‘#unbroken resolve’ is the new dawn to safe-land the mother body beyond her current core objective of discussing students’ problem, coordinate students’ activities amongst other things to initiating measures and structures to completely solving them.

Certain distinctive core virtues encapsulate the ‘#unbroken resolve’, namely, inclusion, unity, honor for service, equity, and equality inter alia which greatly potents it to pilot this noble mother body and her members to just achieving her objectives and aspirations.

The rate of the struggle for work (by this I meant joblessness after school) is an obvious fact that has continually fussed many young and intelligent alumnus and even further demotivates the graduands of any luck for a good job. A lot of choruses have in the past been composed and sang about initiatives to creating jobs to ameliorate these anxieties and realities but have in the past proved fiasco. The ‘#unbroken resolve’ has accessed and come to terms with a constantly overlooked answer to solving these perturbances. By observation, a lot of entrepreneurial minds are dominant amongst us students across the regions of Ghana. These entrepreneurial minds must be harnessed through idea challenges from the regional and national levels as well as the provision of sponsorship and partnership packages for identified ideas as well as persons. The new CEO will be made and known in the end and as such jobs created.

As part of measures taken to realizing and re-fixing that, education is not just a privilege to the few but a right for every Ghanaian, NUGS through the ‘#unbroken resolve’ will initiate the collection and distribution of stationery (learning materials) to deprived areas through the office of the secretary for education so that learning materials will be equitably accessible to identified disadvantaged areas to complement the free SHS. Individuals and companies will donate towards this initiative on the appeal of the union hence making it very realizable.

The Student Loan Trust Fund has over the years supported various public and private Universities variously to enable students to realize their education but missing on the list is trainees. The ‘#unbroken resolve’ is convinced that it is time trainees are enrolled on the SLTF and hence with one heart and one mind will commit to and champion adept dialogues and proactive advocacies to ensure this inclusivity.

One of the major dogmata worth lauding in the ‘#unbroken resolve’ is inclusion. Here again is with an unfeigned position that just like TTAG, GNMTAs must be recognized and included in the NUGS NEC with “voting rights”.  By ‘#unbroken resolve’, hope comes for the GNMTAs because their days of exclusion are over. Kudos to the ‘#unbroken resolve’! Now their voice must be heard, and they must be part of the decision-making at NEC.


By the pursuit of priority, there is going to be inter-bloc debate competition to foster and promote unity and oneness at the student front.

The ‘#unbroken resolve’ is resolute to reward the stewardship of student leaders. The bloc leaders including local executives of member institutions, equally elected, or appointed leaders shall be given certificates of honor and appreciation as an expression of “thank you” for their service to the mother union. This again includes past executives who are playing a role in strengthening the union. They shall not be left out!


Indeed, the ‘#unbroken resolve’ has proven to be unifying with all-inclusive initiatives, acknowledges equity of resources, and honor for service. 

The initiative instills strong hopes of wholistic benefits to all member communities of the mother union hence the need for its endorsement for it to materialize. On Monday, lets all rally behind Yiadom and vote for a resounding victory. 


                                                                    #LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN

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