HOW I MANAGE MY 15 COMPANIES - Dr Daniel McKorley - YCEO Africa

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As an owner of more than 15 companies, I get a lot of people asking me how I manage all these 

businesses and how I stay fully aware of everything happening in them. I think they expect that 

I should be knowledgeable about every single day-to-day operation and business process, 

but then seem surprised when I say I don't.

I try to explain to them that regardless of your background or experience, it’s simply not 

possible to know everything there is about your business or even your speciality. 

And by thinking you know everything and acting on that feeling, you’re likely to make more 

mistakes than you otherwise might. And the reason you don’t know everything isn’t that you’re 

not smart or don’t have enough experience. It’s because the world and the realities of business 

are simply more complicated and rapidly shifting than anybody can keep up with. 

That’s why businesses hire smart people to work with you. Even the most senior people at some 

of the largest companies employ consultants and advisors externally as well as relying on and 

listening to their staff.

So next time you’re not quite sure about something, don’t worry. It is okay not to know 

everything. It is okay to defer to people who are smarter and/or more knowledgeable than you 

are. Just don’t let what you don't know stop you from engaging people, trying something new, 

and discovering your potential to grow.

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