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Why Most Sales Tactics Don’t Work; Do This Instead

The reason why a lot of people give up on marketing and sales tactics is that they do not understand the strategy behind it. So when a tactic or technique isn’t working they get frustrated and abandon the entire strategy.

Let me give an example with my Lead Generation Strategy. (Lead refers to Potential Client/Buyer)

The strategy breakdown is as follows:

  1. KNOW: You (Seller) provide potential clients with valuable information on a problem they are interested in solving. They can only get this information if you get their contact information;
  2. LIKE: You follow-up and get them to know and like you more and vice versa;
  3. TRUST: You build trust with them by consistently providing valuable help and thus staying top of mind. Now when they are ready to buy, who do you think they would buy from? You who are “there” or your competitor who is “somewhere”?

Sales strategies are supposed to be built on buying principles If you try to go against a typical buying behaviour get ready to be disconnected, disliked, mistrusted and not bought from.

My Lead Generation Strategy is built on what I call the “5-95 Marketing Approach.”

This is what it means;
5 % of people who see your advertisements are WILLING & CAPABLE of buying there and there on the spot.

95% aren't.
It's painful but true.
Ask yourself when was the last time you saw an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram and immediately took out your credit card, mobile money phone and bought it on the spot?

It's very rare.
As I always say "If you don't buy things that way, why do you expect others to buy your things that way?

So what are we going to do now?
We need to sell our products the way people typically buy them.

How do people typically buy?
In comes,another concept called the K-L-T Buying Behavior. Which simply means people usually buy from people they Know, Like and Trust (KLT).

Once again, think about the last time you bought something online.

Before you bought it you probably did the following:

  1. Consumed tons of free valuable content; (Know)
  2. Conducted your own research on different alternatives and started preferring a particular solution; (Like)
  3. Got to know a little about the seller or company’s history of delivering what they promised before giving them your hard-earned money. (Trust)

You first did your research and got to know about the seller/product, decided you liked them, read a couple of trustworthy looking reviews online then moved to buy.

Why don't you think others won’t do the same to you?

What I teach isn't rocket science. It's basic everyday behaviour but most of us aren't aware of it.

Now, since we know 95% of people who see your advertisement online would probably buy some time in the future the strategy is to be “there in the future” when they are ready to buy.

This is the logic behind the Lead Generation Strategy.

So, in conclusion, we want to get the contact information of “the 95%”, follow-up and convince them to buy when they are ready.

In my book Lead Generation Workbook: How to find 100+ potential clients in 24 hours or less, we are going to be learning how to get them to “Know” you. Later I will release resources on “Like” and “Trust”

You can download the first three chapters for free here:


Eli T. Nartey

Mobile number: +233209463389

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  1. Thank you Eli. I have read the first three chapters of your book and I love it. I will get the full book soon. Great resource.


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