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Personality Profile: Sayibu Vincent, CEO of Northwell Group of Companies.


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Sayibu Vincent is the CEO of Northwell Group of Companies specialised in the building business and focused on driving the Northern economy with diversified companies in education, real estate, construction and transport services. He holds an Msc in International business from the prestigious University of Ghana Business School.
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Sayibu attributes his success to the culture of hardwork instilled in him by his late father (name of father) and also understands that work never ends but it just pauses to resume the next day. According to him, “I have always had a "why" for what I'm doing and the ability to remember the "why" keeps you focused and determined regardless the obstacles.”

Sharing his startup story, Sayibu referenced his sole source of funding from family as the only means because his business was extremely difficult to attract external investors.

Sharing his thoughts on credibility in business, he mentioned that, credibility for any business man and organization is just like a currency in the business world. It makes and unmakes progress. Sayibu gradually built his credibility in the various fields of operations as it is normal in any part of the world, where "seeing is believing ". This encouraged him to put himself and his works out there so as to build a base. One of the main mediums of putting himself out there as a company was via social media and this admittedly played a vital role in widening his customer base.

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On best advice ever received by Sayibu in relations to business is “if everything was to be easy, then nothing will be worth achieving.”

On failure, Sayibu has always believed it is inevitable in business. He believes, once you wake up in the morning and go out there to make a living, you are bound to fail in some of your dealings if not all. Regardless of the demoralizing feeling failure brings, passion for what he does always enables him to overcome all setbacks.

To young entrepreneurs and startup founders, Sayibu's advice is: “don't focus too much on the titles, rather be more concerned about the work on the ground and never be afraid to do the dirty work to see your  venture succeed.”

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