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Mz Dru Quits Media; Ventures Into Plantain Chips Business?

 Food is the great unifier, powerful enough to even connect the little people with the stars who grace the pages of our glossy magazines and our screens. Most of us assume these flawless actors, singers, and comedians have to deny themselves the pleasure of food to maintain their stardom. Turns out this is not always the case. Some of our favorite celebs love food and cooking even more than we do — and that’s saying a lot. 

From loving local delicacy to continental dishes ‘the hostess with the mostess’ Mz Dru in partnership with Mensdo Bissap has created her own food brand ‘Ayeko Plantain Chips’. The product comes in a beautiful black and yellow packaging

Mz Dru’s passion for food brands runs deep. It’s apparent in her social media feed — and by glancing at her Instagram account — but is most blatantly clear when watching her vlog on youtube. The presenter who usually promotes food brands, testing recipes, visiting restaurants, and reading about new culinary methods, has turned her passion to business by introducing her crispy delicious plantain chips, which come in ripe plantain and unripped plantain.

According to her, her ideal for starting this business is to support local plantain farmers and also to give consumers the taste they have always wanted when buying plantain chips. She says part of the money she gets from her sales will be donated to plantain farmers to motivate them in their endeavor, “You know Mz Dru is all about positivity, motivating them with a part of my sales is something I am passionate and happy about, positivity breeds happiness”

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