Mr. Kwame A. A. Opoku To Officially Join Dyzrupt As Chief Communications Officer Effective December 2020. - YCEO Africa

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Mr. Kwame A. A. Opoku To Officially Join Dyzrupt As Chief Communications Officer Effective December 2020.


Dyzrupt, a company positioned to become one of Africa’s, if not one of the world’s, most disruptive technology start-up of this generation will be adding to their core team, a trailblazer and high-achiever, who is an award-winning futurist, Global Business Keynote Speaker, Brand Architect, Entrepreneur, and Social Media/Digital Marketer; in the person of Mr. Kwame A. A. Opoku.

Mr. Kwame A. A. Opoku. will officially join Dyzrupt as the Chief Communications Officer effective December 01, 2020, and will aid in their objective to foster wealth creation for Africans and others through creative, unconventional approaches that help address local challenges.

The company had a soft launch on September 01, 2019, and its core team and designers have since been working hard behind the scenes, creating a series of arguably some of the most captivating and far-reaching Blockchain-based innovations of this decade.

The company has an ambitious marketing campaign to bring Dyzrupt products and services to a large segment of the more than 1 billion Africans living on the continent and to do so will need the help of Kwame who will summon his expertise and rich international experience to help make Dyzrupt a household name in Africa.

Mr. Opoku is the current CEO of the Reset Global People, which runs successful flagship initiatives, such as Women Entrepreneurship Festival, the African Women CEOs Summit, and Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa; the Vice Chair of West Africa for the Young CEOs Business Forum, which oversees operations in 16 Countries; and is also the founder of the Ghana AI & Blockchain Forum and Co-Founder of the Digital CEO Summit, which runs in 8 African countries.

He is an author and itinerary speaker on Cyber Security, AI, Robotics, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies.

Dyzrupt. Liberating Africans. Changing Lives.

visit for more information on Kwame.

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