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How is using Technology to change the Face of Real Estate in Ghana


20 years ago, if you bought a plot of land and later found out that it had 5 other owners, you’d be deserving of sympathy.But with MeQasa around, if this is your story, then it’s almost laughable.

Technology has made everything so much easier. The proliferation of smartphones and devices has made it easier to have access to a world of endless possibilities and so much innovation.

MeQasa is a software start up that provides a free catalogue of real estate products for prospective buyers to choose from. It also gives owners of property and agents the opportunity to easily find buyers.

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Meqasa Housing Fair

Seeking housing to rent or purchase in Accra and many other major cities across Africa has traditionally proven a difficult task, given the limited options of organized, online tools and platforms available to aid with these types of searches. MeQasa has elevated the real estate industry in Ghana by providing a free service that helps brokers, landlords and other real estate industry professionals to conduct business efficiently online, while simplifying the search experience for prospective tenants and buyers.

In 2015, MeQasa secured a $500,000 investment from Frontier Digital Ventures, a global VC firm headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to expand their business and operations into more African countries.

MeQasa has completely changed the face of the Ghanaian real estate industry. Acquiring property is so much easier and stress free.

Technology is constantly making life so much better. A few years ago, buying land or any real estate product was such a huge risk. You could end up being the 5th owner of a single plot of land.

Thanks to MeQasa, You don’t have to think twice about it. The online real estate company provides a free catalogue of the best litigation-free real estate products.

So remember to take advantage of the market that Meqasa puts at your fingertips. Don’t take unnecessary risks that will end in sob stories.

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