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(A Classic Example of Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao)

Dear Sammy Gyamfi, 

You are a solid guy. I however sometimes feel abit uneasy with your body language and tone during your delivery. I saw you on TV after the Presidential declaration, looking exasperated, demoralised and despondent, and I, being a man subject to like-paasions as you are, I felt abit emotional and concerned for you, so I decided to pen down a short note to you, and I know you will get this piece of memo, no politics intended at all, it is just my humble attempt to share alittle wisdom with you as a fellow young Ghanaian.

Please, kindly try and understand the Ghanaian abit more. In Ghana, many people misconstrue confidence as arrogance. You are brilliant, you work so hard, you are bold, sometimes abit confrontational, sometimes too - being human that we all are, and perhaps as an inherent occupational hazard, you go overboard. 

But do not be beaten down by the trolls, it's all part of the hazards of eminence, I personally think you are fantastic, but if you could adjust a few things, believe me, you will be as unbreakable and uncuttable as an allotrope of Carbon - Diamond!

Many people try to compare you with Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah (KON) and broadly speaking, I marvel at such an unsound logic; with the greatest of respect to those who do the comparison. 

This is simply because you are completely two different kinds of personality. But sometimes in my attempt to oscillate between the latitudes of my objectivity, I attempt to borrow a leaf from the probable reason why, although I consider the logic behind the comparison as somewhat defective, many people may be tempted to assume or form the mistaken belief that you would perhaps not be befitting to have been seen to hold the same office of an Information Minister which KON holds should NDC have been in power.

The reason, if any, especially to floating voters (Neutrals) like me, is that, KON comes across with less aggression and is more intentionally clever with his choice of words when having a dialogue or even debating your party in a contest of ideology, policy or even propaganda. His tone, body language and the wit to carefully select the most appropriate words from his wide array of grammatical lexicon, puts him a nudge higher and making him come accross as more appealing to listen to, which puts a subtle springs in his steps, thereby drawing him closer to what one will consider a political communication juggernaut. 

Let me digress abit to buttress my point for illustration purposes.

Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are both successful and famous lightweight boxers, both are multi-millionaires in the game. But they have completely opposite personalities, whilst Mayweather is very loud with his wealth and flaunts it in the media all in your face with his cold, raw, hard cash, Pacquiao who doubles as a Senator in the Philippines rather prefers to be very opaque and conservative about the show off of his millions of dollars or any of his luxury living; if any.

Is there any problem with either of them? No! But who amongst the two is likely to have more attacks and gather more enemies if they were both living in Ghana? Mayweather of course! 

Why? Because we are someway here lol, sometimes even when you are very outspoken and unconventional in your thinking, people tag you as "too-known", whatever that means.

If I wanted to give you a context with Ghanaian personalities, I will choose say Dr Osei Kwame Despite and Hon Kennedy Agyepong. These two elders are filthy rich, but have you ever seen Dr Despite on Peacefm or UTV talking about anything at all? No, infact very sparingly will you see any media reportage on him speaking or addressing any kind of public audience eventhough he owns a Media empire where he can wake up daily to go and share whatever comes to his mind with the public - but no, he wont. On the hand, Hon Kennedy Agyepong, that is his domain and turf, step on him right now and he will show up on Oman Fm tomorrow morning to deal with you and tell you; "you've got nerrrrrves😂" and he will go scot free, hey, even him, sometimes people misconstrue him and call him arrogant when he was merely being honest and refusing to be a hypocrite.

But I dont think it is the safest or most effective disposition as a young Politician that you are, it doesn't appeal to younger adults of our age range, and it even offends the patrons and elderly adults the more, because sometimes the truth and your body language with which you say it hits so hard that, even me, given the opportunity, I will conclude you were being rude or arrogant, when clearly you were just being yourself and being factual. 

Kennedy Agyepong will do it and go scot-free, people will overlook it, do you know why? Not because he is rich and influential, no, but because he is an elderly person and also a political principality! 

In summary, time will not permit me to dig further, but my humble piece of counsel for you is, be a blend of Mayweather and Pacquiao, in other words, be yourself about how you do your politics, again, you are a solid material for your NDC Party. But I am further persuaded, that if you worked on yourself to have a much calmer demeanour, and use less of the words that creates room for ambiguity which seeks to paint a misconstrued perception about who you are in people's mind, you will be the 9th Wonder of this Country's future politics. 

So please, tone down abit, be more relaxed when addressing an issue, if it is a debate or a heated discussion like what sometimes happen on JoyNews Newsfile, if you are to take on someone like Kwaku Baako for instance on Newfile, please stick to the issues and even if that, be charitable with words, use more euphemisms to lighten-up a very serious matter and remember that the grey hair on the head of people like John Mahama, Kwaku Baako, Osafo Marfo and co, automatically demand so much respect that we the younger ones, even if we disagree with them must not refuse to give to them.

Yours sincerely,


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