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Book Review: IN THE VOICE OF A WOMAN by Mark E. Tawiah

The formation of a woman from the inception of creation was a mystery. According to scripture, God formed a woman out of the loins of a man in a deep sleep which is a mystery which has to be uncovered in order to unearth the full potential of a woman.

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and took one of his ribs, and closed up its place with flesh. And from the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, Genesis 2:21-22

Lady Rev. Dr. Charlotte Oduro asserts that “Women are very difficult to handle yet the best when you discover how to relate with them.” In the voice of a woman, you will get to understand the realities of womanhood, their role as mothers, wives and how to understand and live with them. Women when understood will bring the best in every man’s family and the home.

It is on this assertion that Mark E. Tawiah has come out with this great book titled; “IN THE VOCIE OF A WOMAN” which reveals the whole mystery of womanhood. He reminds readers that; God has given women many gifts. Among the many gifts God gave women, the greatest one is their voice.

In this book, Mark E. Tawiah wrote Nine (9) chapters with sub topics under four (4) chapters. He wrote about the voice of a woman as the foundation and the building block of every child’s destiny. The Language and the Elements of Building. Where he explained into details four (4) elements which is a necessary for every woman to possess to build and maintain a successful marital life. The Law of the Tongue, Let your speech be with Grace, Let your Words be Few, The Voice of Impact, The Wise and the Foolish Woman, The voice of the Serpent and The Seven Foolish and Six Wise Tongues.

He explained the erroneous misconception about submission of a woman in the context of marriage. The author emphasizes this without losing the role of a man to his wife. He explained Paul’s phrase “The head of the woman is the man” and “The woman is the Glory of the man”. In addition, he spoke about how women can use the language of their voice to make positive impact in the life of their husbands and children and the qualities of a wise woman and the foolish woman.

One of the other splendid revelations in this book is the truth that a lot of women don’t know how to win the heart and the attention of their husbands. He asked the question; what kind of dance did the daughter of Herod did that pleased the father to the point that he swore an oath? The author points out countless examples from the Bible and other helpful stories through which a woman can win the heart of her husband all the time in order to have a glorious marriage and relationship. These and many more are the nuggets this book promises to give us.


By: Mark E. Tawiah


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