Hon. George Andah, Along With Several Dignitaries, Grace Codetrain Apps Demo Day. - YCEO Africa

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Hon. George Andah, Along With Several Dignitaries, Grace Codetrain Apps Demo Day.

 The Apps Demo Day took place on Friday, 14th September at the Accra Digital Centre. In keeping with Covid-19 protocols, the event was held on a smaller scale than we would normally prefer; but we still had a blast!

After a year of learning sessions and projects, the 8-member cohort made it to the end of the boot camp. They are now professional software developers, ready to take on any challenge.

The theme of this Demo Day was the COVID 19 pandemic. Our Codetrainers launched apps built to help in the fight against the pandemic. We had in attendance a number of dignitaries and stakeholders in the fight.

                                                            Hon. George Andah

The Honourable Deputy Minister of Communication, George Andah was in attendance. He congratulated the graduating cohort and urged them to be relentless in the pursuit of their dreams. He also affirmed his Ministry’s continued support for Codetrain and its mission.

                                                                      Nhyira Addo

Seasoned journalist, Nhyira Addo has been one of our biggest supporters so far. The media mavin shared with the graduating Codetrainers the need to constantly improve and reinvent themselves as a way to always be relevant to society.

                                                              Seth Akumani

We were also joined by Seth Akumani from UNDP Ghana’s Accelerator lab. He urged everyone present to develop their creativity and critical thinking. He described these skills as skills required to get ahead in this age when information is abundant.

                        Delegates from the UG Medical Students’ Association

We also had in attendance representatives from Ga East Municipal Hospital, University of Ghana Medical Students Association, Calbank and COTVET.

                     Renders and Nihad from the Ga East Municipal Hospital
                                                  Halifax and James from Calbank

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