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The IBRIE Social Impact Prize (UK) Calls for Nominations

The IBRIE Social Impact Prize is a project by IBRIE Foundation [MOU1] based in London-United Kingdom, to recognize and honor outstanding social entrepreneurs across the globe who are making impacts in their communities and making the world a better place. Especially during these globally stressing moments where the world has experienced a huge shift due to Covid-19, there are some social entrepreneurs still touching lives and making the world a better place. We are on the lookout for all of such entrepreneurs.


To be eligible for nomination, one must possess the following:

·         Must be aged between 18 to 35

·         Must be running a project for at least 2 years

·         NGO must be registered

  • Must be working to support people in the community
  • Must be creating positive change
  • Must show leadership qualities


An international jury board has been set up to go through all applications that would be received, in selecting our top nominations for an interview.


In the end, ten (10) deserving social entrepreneurs will receive benefits including:

  • Mentoring from world class entrepreneurs
  • Pro-bono legal work
  • A customized badge of honour
  • Certificate of Honour
  • $500 grant for one winner’s project
  • Networking with social entrepreneurs from other countries
  • Become an esteemed Alumni of  IBRIE Social Impact Prize with social entrepreneurs from different parts of the world


To nominate yourself or someone, open the link: https://bit.ly/ibrie-si-prize

Nominations are possible until 31st August 2020.


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