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McDan CEO charges employers to uphold discipline to reduce staff nonchalance

The CEO of McDan Group of Companies has advised entrepreneurs to be disciplined in their relations with their staff to prevent complacency.

Daniel McKorley explained that this is a good way to develop staff efficacy.

He told Kojo Yankson, host of the Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Thursday, that the mandate of employees must be clearly spelt out to them in order to leave them accountable in future.

“Teach your employees that I employed you to find me solutions not to bring me problems. Some employers take too long in firing their workers,” he said.

The McDan CEO’s comment was part of a discussion on attitudes and advice on poor work ethics of hired staff.

“You have employees who are not consistent and these kinds of superstar attitudes and many times, they feel they are doing you a favour. It makes control very difficult,” he stated.

Dr McKorley explained that the reason Ghanaians are able to work relatively better with foreign employers is are principle people.

He believes many of the low performing staff do not see anything wrong with their misconduct.

“If you are not careful in Ghana, the people you are dropping your standard to the standard of the people you employ. Because of their attitudes, you begin to accept the unacceptable,” McKorley told host.

He further appealed to bosses live by example in order to cultivate the same attitude in their staff.

“You inject that attitude into your worker, keep your values. When your integrity levels are low you are destroying your employee,” Daniel said.

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