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THE SAD REALITY: The Case Of A Daily Wage Earner In This Era Of COVID-19.

t’s totally unthinkable a couple of months back, to even conceive the idea of a lockdown for as long as 21 days with a possible extension beyond the current duration. But the novel corona virus has made it a reality.

As the popular saying goes, “your health is your wealth”. Hence I have no qualms with respect to the partial lockdown initiated by the government of the Republic of Ghana and in most advance countries like France, Italy, Spain, China, UK, US etc due to the pandemic and the number of deaths that are being recorded.

According to the South Morning Post in China,the first case of corona virus infection was a 55-year-old individual from Hubei province in China. This case date back to November 17, 2019. That’s before doctors started noticing cases of the virus in Wuhan, China, which is in Hubei province in December, 2019.

Initially, we’re made to believe that, the virus came from seafood. But, its now being reported by scientists that, it might have originated from a bat and hopped somehow to another animal.

That said, the emergence of this novel corona virus and the subsequent partial lockdowns in some selected part of my beloved country Ghana, has brought untold hardship to most people.

The people who are most affected by this unfortunate but necessary partial lockdown happens to be the poorest of the poor. These people depend on daily wages for their bread and butter. Without that, they might have to starve to bed.

These days, time has become a luxury I can afford due to the Lockdown. So, I’m able to scan through most of the social media platforms to help keep abreast of events and also to mitigate boredom.

That said, I have noticed that a particular trend is evolving among the youth as we as some fans of our celebrities of various endeavors. This trend has to do with fans virtually begging these celebrities to send them money via mobile money platforms. Even though, some celebrities such as Sarkodie, Jackie Appiah, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Edem, John Dumelo, to mention but a few, have done some donations to help easy the financial pressure, it appears, if the lockdown should continue for a longer period, people will suffer massively from hunger.

It makes me wonder what the situation will be for the daily wage earners who are unable to go to work for their daily bread. Besides, these people are not on social media and have no one to turn to for help in this dire situation.

Granted, some benevolent companies and state institutions as well as some kind hearted individuals are contributing their quota, the daily wage earners form a chunk of the population and if help is not extended to them someway somehow, the situation might be suicidal.


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