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Claudia Lumor Shares Her Discovery Journey as She Turns 40

CEO of Glitz Africa and UN Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA, Mrs Claudia Lumor has recently turned 40 years on June 18. She spent the days sharing some bit of her story on UNFPA Instagram live video. She spent her day with young people which according to her was fulfilling and impactful.

In a recent series of documentary on her life’s journey, Claudia spoke about her journey as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She has described herself as a strong woman getting her inspiration from her mother.

At a young age, she looked up to women like Aku Sika Aquaye and Barbara Sam. She observed their poise and eloquence and always wanted to grow up with such confidence. She revealed turning her stubbornness into a business trait. 

For her, she has ascribed to the belief of working hard for your money. In an interview with Anita Erskine, she spoke on family life and having to be a fighter. According to the entrepreneur she turned her fighting spirit into being a better mother for her kids.

Claudia advised mothers enjoy motherhood and make their children a part of their life even if they have a busy schedule.

Arguably, women tend to drop of the success ladder but Claudia says we should not let ourselves go as women but thrive to always be at a better place for oneself and family. She further admonished young women to aim to be more successful in society in order to make impact.

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