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Yes you, you are very 'dangelous' read on to find out why.

Stop hoarding your gift, talents, time, energy, knowledge, passion, products, solutions and abilities from those who need them in an attempt to appear modest.

You are not modest, you are wicked. As a matter of fact, very 'dangelous'

If you wish to get ahead in this world, you must find creative ways and means of bringing yourself to the attention of people who need what you have to offer the world.

Stop hiding yourself in a bid not to self promote, the world needs what you have to offer. Show it to us!

There is no point in having the cure to COVID -19 and then keeping it locked in your house so they don't say you are pompous. You're not modest, you are wicked.

There are many people right now going through what your solution would bring relief to and who need what you are hoarding out there and are praying, crying and hoping that you show up.

Don't be a selfish human being, its not about you. Life is bigger than your one man show, snap out of it.

Your world is waiting for you. Don't fail them.

Photo caption: Face I give you when you tell me you have nothing of value to offer others.

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