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Meet Franklin Cole, CEO D’Emperor Media Consult GH LTD

Mr. Franklin Cole is the CEO D’Emperor Media Consult GH LTD, a business consultancy firm that
assist management of various companies, specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses
creates innovative strategy that includes: Business Development, Public Relations,Media Service
with a special interest in event management.

Mr Franklin Cole’s passion to contribute towards promoting Nigeria good image in Ghana led him
to join the team that founded two of the most prestigious top Ten beauty pageant in Ghana,
Nigeria's Most Beautiful Ghana & Miss Nigeria Ghana, Platforms that groom young Nigerian ladies
towards a new order of projecting Nigeria cultural dexterity and diversity in Ghana.

Under the leadership of Mr. Franklin Cole as the chairman of NMBG & MNG, the two brands has
however experience a good dimension with various humanitarian activities with special focus on
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign across the ten regions of Ghana with the aim of projecting the
good image of Nigeria in diaspora.

Mr. Franklin Cole, popularly called Fcemperor by friends is one of the Nigeria top extraordinaire
publicist and a fine entrepreneur in Ghana; He has over the years build himself to the top as
one of the Nigerians making waves in the entertainment industry in Ghana. In the last few years
he has arranged in-house events and programs for Ghana’s leading music artists, Top actors and
celebrities. Mr Franklin Cole has played major roles in multiple brand launch’s and awareness
campaigns for many companies in Ghana.

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