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Marketing, Advertising & Branding- My Viewpoint

A break down of what i think Marketing, Advertising & Branding are;

Marketing is how you see yourself – Marketing is the image that you are trying to present to others. It starts with how you dress, the colors and patterns you choose, and how you groom. We all have a strategy for this–yes, everyone, including your unkempt friend who rarely showers and wears the same black shirt he’s worn since Senior High.

Advertising is how you act in public – How you carry yourself, where you hang out, and what you say are just as important as how you look. All of this should be considered with your marketing strategy to assure that you have consistency between your image and your actions.

Branding is how others see you -Your marketing strategy should assess and consider your personal brand. If you have a strong brand, you can spend more time building on it. If you have reputation problems, however, you need to focus on rebuilding or changing perceptions.

(By: Eric Osei-Annor)

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