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EIB Network's Emmaline Dartey and Citi TV's Caleb Kudah Kickstart KASANUFO 2020.

The HR Manager at EIB Network, Emmaline Dartey and Host of 'Backpage' on Citi TV, Caleb Kudah, have kick-started the second edition of the KASANUF0 Public Speaking Training and Contest on the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) campus.

Speaking on the Topic, “Honing and Owning your Skills as an Emerging Speaker”, Emmaline Dartey stated that an individual’s personality is key in Public Speaking as it gives a speaker's presentation the uniqueness and originality to stand out amongst other speakers.

“Your personality is going to give beauty to your Public Speaking skills”, she said.

In his presentation on “Dispelling the Fear of Public Speaking”, Caleb, spoke on the power of knowledge saying that being prepared and well equipped for a presentation gives one the confidence to speak publicly. He advised that if one ever gets the chance to choose a topic for a presentation, selection should be based on one’s passion or a topic one has command and authority over.

Trainees, as required by the rules of the program, also delivered speeches on the theme, “I Know My Level”, in which they used their life stories to inspire and motivate the audience. They were scored based on their Appearance, Confidence, Content, Delivery and Diction by the trainers.

KASANUFO is a Public Speaking Training and Contest aimed at arming the African youth with the power to convey and project their thoughts, ideas and feelings to the right audience to either entice and win over, motivate or simply to educate. The name of the program is derived from two Ghanaian Languages; “Kasa” – Twi and “Nufo” – Ewe, both meaning “speak”.

In 8 weeks, participants are trained to know and apply various tools, techniques and styles in Public Speaking by different Trainers. The trainees are also given tasks every week to perform on which they are scored.

The training will happen every Friday until 27th March 2020.

KASANUFO is organized by PR and Brands firm EKM Consulting.

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