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Disruption Is Coming To The TV

Disruption Is Coming To The TV
Disruption is coming to the TV industry and there will be a new set of distributors leveraging fundamentally different cost structures to the old regime.

Tv networks have a Facebook page sharing live content from their morning shows, primetime shows also could this be the future? Will the TV we have in our homes become virtually a “Monitor” to view our favorite tv shows via the internet?

Are our local tv stations prepared for such a paradigm shift? Are we ready to invest in content purposely for Facebook (FB Watch) or YouTube? Example: Steve Harvey. One of the biggest tv shows in the US ended his show via cable tv and he has partnered Facebook watch.

But soon most people will be fed up with outrageous fees provided to cable services provider (COX, Time Warner, Comcast, YouSee, etc.) streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Nordic are slowly becoming “good enough” alternative and roughly 1/3rd the cost of basic cable. ( Used international brands, I don’t want wahala)

Same way Netflix disrupted DVD rentals (Blockbuster). This is the essence of what I call “disruptive change.” It’s transformed a number of industries and is starting to do the same in the world of television.

Yes, a few might say “ what’s our internet penetration?” But with Ghc100 one can get an android phone and voila they have access to all breaking news people it shows on mainstream media.

Don’t be left out. The World is moving ahead, catch up or lose out.

By: Eric Osei-Annor (a special kind of Brands, Communication & Digital Marketing Specialist. Experienced in many aspects of Marketing)

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