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Creative Enterprise Support Programme to train and support young entrepreneurs

The Creative Enterprise Support Programme has officially been launched in Accra, to train, mentor and support entrepreneurs in the film industry.
The programme which was launched at the British Council in Accra aims to deliver training, mentoring and support business development of young and emerging film entrepreneurs in the country.
Delivered by The First Creatives (Ghana), Henley Business School (UK) and Afrinolly Creative Hub (Nigeria), the program will see 60 film entrepreneurs undergo a two-weeks intensive technical and enterprise training.
Ghana’s creative industry is a rapidly growing economic powerhouse that is increasingly being recognised as a pathway for sustainable livelihoods for young people across art forms such as film. The creative industry, however, is faced with the obstacles of weak policy support, lack of infrastructure, weak skills base, low levels of awareness of the livelihood opportunities that exist within the sectors (particularly non-artistic) and limited opportunities for networking, collaborations and skills-sharing.
Through the Creative Enterprise Support Programme, 30 selected entrepreneurs will go into incubation and 5 film entrepreneurs will be given a grant to support their film production.

The programme will ensure that  film entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana are supported to develop knowledge, skills and relevant networks aimed at building sustainable livelihoods. It also hopes to increase collaboration and partnerships within West Africa and between Ghana and the UK, to support the film ecosystem.
The Creative Enterprise Support Programme comprises  three stages of joint provided enterprise support:
Stage 1: Enterprise Support
A two-week intensive training for 60 film entrepreneurs to include artistic, technical and enterprise training tailored to the needs of the local sector.
Stage 2: Incubation
A 6-month incubation programme for 30 selected film entrepreneurs from stage 1, providing access to workspace, access to equipment within the workspace (e.g. for producing new work, filming, editing etc.), training, business support and mentoring.
Stage 3: Pitch for Grants
This will be an opportunity for film entrepreneurs from stage 2 of the programme to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. There will be grants for 5 film entrepreneurs to develop business plans, start / scale up existing businesses or produce new film projects in Ghana.

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