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How To Bond With Your Kids Despite Your Busy Schedule

How To Bond With Your Kids Despite Your Busy Schedule
As much as parenting is a difficult and challenging life role, it’s also a beautiful journey to experience. From watching your ‘mini-me’ grow into stunning tiny humans to teaching them everything you know, parenting is an experience of a lifetime. However, there are times when trying to give your children the best life they deserve can take a toll on you as you try to bring food to the table and make ends meet.

You’re stretched thin throughout the day with your job, errands, and house chores that by the time you get home, you barely have any energy to spend time with your kids. That is if you went home early enough to spend some time with them before their bedtime. Not exactly the fun parent/child bond you’ve wished for.

The thing about bonding with your child is that you have to actually make time for it, no matter how busy you are. Bonding with your child, although comes naturally, sometimes needs excessive work to make it happen. And when it does, it will be worthwhile. Any relationship needs a lot of work to become strong and fruitful, and parenting is no different. If you’re too busy, we’ve got you covered.

Here are ways you can bond and connect with your kids no matter how hectic life is:

Set Weekly Game Nights
Who doesn’t love a good, competitive game night? Weekly game nights are the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. Each week, you can choose one game to play and spend a fun evening in your family room. There a variety of games you can play, from video games to board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. Even though Scrabble might be a little hard for the little ones, you can visit here to find out how to use unscrambling tools to help them with difficult words. You can compete, laugh, prepare snacks, and just enjoy your time together. Game nights are fun, competitive, and not only are you bonding with your child, but you’re teaching them many things about the value of teamwork.

Bond Over Daily Activities
Sometimes you need to get a little creative and bond with your kids as you’re doing something else; consider it a two-birds-with-one-stone situation. When you’re cooking a meal or preparing their school lunches, why not get them involved? It will be some great fun in the kitchen together and you’ll be teaching your child how to be responsible. You can also practice your child’s sports together by taking them out for a ball game or any sport they play on the weekend. If you have errands to run like grocery shopping, take them with you and make a game out of it. Have them be your little helpers and you can discuss many things on the car ride over there.

Connect During Bedtime
Many parents love to connect with their children during bedtime; it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with their child and get to know what they did throughout their day. It’s also a great opportunity to read a story, cuddle, and bond. This drastically strengthens the relationship between child and parent.

Go On an Adventure
One of the greatest ways to bond with your child is to act like one; think like them and wonder what they’ll love to do? Create fun and memorable experiences together by going on mini-trips on the weekend, even if it’s going camping. You can also plan for bigger trips with your kids, which makes up for all the lost time you’ve spent being busy. Consider also being spontaneous and choose a new place to go to every other weekend, whether it’s the movies or a museum or just a nice day at the park. 

Start a Hobby Together
Another way you could encourage bonding is by starting a hobby together. You can start a book club in the family, choose a book, and each of you try to read and discuss this story together. You can also take up a new sport or take a class together as a family, be it dancing or cooking. You can set time for arts and crafts if they’re younger children and tap into their creative side. No matter what hobby it is, you’re spending time with your children and connecting with them.

No one said parenting was easy; with so many things you need to follow up on in your kid’s life, it’s no wonder that parents always look exhausted. However, there are still many ways you can spend time with your kids despite your busy schedule. With the aforementioned bonding ideas, you’ll be strengthening your relationship in no time.

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