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Rigworld Limited Opens Ultramodern Manufacturing Center In Takoradi.

Rigworld Limited Opens Ultramodern Manufacturing Center In Takoradi.
Rigworld Limited has opened an ultramodern manufacturing center in Takoradi, to produce high quality stud bolts and nuts, as well as high and low pressure hydraulic hoses for the industries in the oil and gas, and mining sectors among others.

The facility christened Rigworld Solutions, is borne out of a collaboration between Rigworld and its UK partners, Steadfast and Hydrasun.

Rigworld Solutions offers an excellent alternative for oil and gas, and mining companies to source high quality and affordable stud bolts and nuts, and hydraulic hoses to support their routine repair and installations of factory or site machinery and equipment.

Factory Manager of Rigworld Solutions, Nicholas Amenyor, during an inspection tour at the facility, told journalists that their products are of international specifications and quality standards.

He stressed that the factory employs production and quality requirements of their UK partners, Steadfast and Hydrasun, to their operations to ensure the best value for their clients.

“We have contracted them to supply us with the raw material. Since we are partnering with them to use their brand, we also make sure that the right quality of product that they use for production in UK is sent to us here in Ghana to enable us match the same quality standards,” he said.

With this, the company is convinced that the importation of these products, and its associated cost, will be a thing of the past.

“The time taken to import these items are taken off, your freight cost, among others are taken off. Even if we are to charge you the same price as you pay for imported ones, you will see that you still can make a lot of savings from it. Relatively, our price will remain lower that what is imported, and of same quality and even more” Mr Amenyor stressed.

He intimated that company has demonstrated the capacity and excellence in the extractive industry as an indigenous company, and they prayed for the support of government and industries in the sector.

Nicholas Amenyor thus called on the Petroleum Commission to develop a framework that will support local industries, such as theirs, to maximize production.

He argued that such frameworks will provide a secured market for their products, as it will ensure that industries procure them locally.

“We appeal to the Petroleum Commission to come up with some rules and regulations that will ensure that our production will not be in vain… for the maximum infrastructure and complex equipment that we have come to put here in Ghana,” he said.

Staff Capacity

Currently the facility has a total of ten specialized technicians running the production unit – from threading to final stages of the stud nuts and bolts production.

Operations Manager, Ernest Gyamposu disclosed that these personnel have undergone intensive training from their partners in the UK.

“We’ve had trainers come from the UK, from both partners [Hydrasun and Steadfast] to train some of our personnel here. We’ve identified some key personnel who have also gone to the UK to some specialized training too, all to bring up personnel to speed and up to the task regards the operations we carry out here,” he noted.

(Source: adomonline.com)

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