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Meet Gifty Akosua Asare "The Hamper Market" Young CEO

 Gifty Akosua Asare
In today’s world where graduate unemployment is on the high because young people don’t take further steps to start their own business, 27-year-old, Gifty Akosua Asare is defying the odds through her business, The Hamper Market.
With the gifts and hamper industry known to be one of the emerging markets that could pull a lot of money, Gifty isn’t waiting any further hence the desire of turning her passion and love for gift packaging into a business.

Through her company, she leads her team to create bespoke hampers and gifts for clients in Ghana and around the world, with a growing clientele ranging from individuals to corporate institutions.
Sharing her story with THEYCEO, Gifty remarked that her inspiration came from the passion of gift packaging in very creative forms for loved ones during various occasions and her experience from other gift companies which didn’t meet her standard of service delivery.

After identifying a gap of creativity in the sector, she took the decision to start her own firm which was to take packaging of gifts to a different level.

With two years, in business so far, she has carved a niche for herself with the business she self-funded from her personal savings.

Detailing her experience on this entrepreneurial journey, Gifty says she has gained the habit of being consistent, trustworthy and adhering to timelines and has also learnt to believe that business is a gradual process and she has to continue working hard to build a bigger brand.

Gifty also credits good customer service as a key factor in the success of her company but shares her biggest challenge is coming up with a new set of creative ideas to keep her business dynamic.
She strongly believe passion is what lead entrepreneurs to success in spite of all challenges that they encounter on their journey. That it can be a lonely journey and you constantly need to be improving. She mostly get people encouraging her not to give up on what she is doing.

Gifty ASARE's favorites quote is "do it well and be creative with it. Get it started and constant learn and improve"

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