THE YCEO: Nana Churcher debuts her self-help book, “The Power of Your Words” - YCEO Africa

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THE YCEO: Nana Churcher debuts her self-help book, “The Power of Your Words”

In her debut self-help book, “The Power of Your Words”(published by Lulu), author Nana Churcher seeks to empower her readers to bring positivity into their lives through the use of their words and actions.
Nana Churcher
The book aims to help readers build their self-confidence through affirmation and positive action. Churcher presents practical applications for readers to practice positive speaking. It also intends to challenge individuals to be mindful in what they say about themselves and others as “words are a significant part of daily living.”
Churcher wants her readers to take away “a positive attitude, self-belief and a more conscious choice for positive words.”
A passage from “Victory is Mine” in the book reads: “Victory is yours. Our fight is with weapons unseen. But sometimes our words can defeat the enemy. / AFFIRMATION / Every day, I will create an atmosphere of victory. I am more than a conqueror. I refuse to submit to the battle that goes on in my mind. I will win in every area of my life.”
“The Power of Your Words” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
Nana Churcher is an international talk show host. Her own show, “The Nana Churcher Show,” is a platform for encouraging excellence and spreading positivity. She is an international speaker, mentor, wife and mother to four beautiful children. Churcher travels the world telling stories of those she interviews as an inspiration to those who watch her show. With her signature “You Belong at the Top,” she aspires to help others discover and develop their God-given brilliance. She currently resides in London, with her husband, Pastor Alfred Churcher, and their four children.
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