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Where there is problem there is money. The money flows in the direction of the man or woman solving the problem not the ones complaining about it.
Money is simply a reward for labor, it is a compensation for a job well done, no job done no money made, no job done well no continuous money will be made, that's how things work. Become a value provider, become a part of the solution instead of the problem or the ones complaining about it. People are still making money in this 'tight' economy under this present administration and yes most of them are less educated than you are so that cancels out your excuse.
Money doesn't respect certificates, it respect ingenuity. The problem is not that you lack money, it is that you lack ideas, you are not being resourceful, you have refused to apply yourself, to apply your heart and mind to think and create practical solutions to the many complex problems plaguing our people. It is too much work for you so you have chosen to either ignore it or keep complaining about it.
The truth is there is enough money right now in the world for the man or woman who would develop his or her ability to tackle the prevalent problems in our society not the ones who would complain incessantly about them.
The money you are looking for is in somebody's pocket, it is tied to what you can do for them, what product you can develop/ provide or service you can render that they need and are willing to pay you for. Get to thinking, this is why God gave you a brain, to ponder and take life on, to solve difficult problems rather than bringing it back to Him again. Be responsible, use your brain and get compensated in doing so. It sure is hard work but money is the reward of labor not talk. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Your money is tied to the problems you are willing to solve and the quality of your solution determines the quantity of your monetary reward, so as long as there is problem in a given society, that society is ladened with opportunity to create wealth, this is how entrepreneurs emerge. They are born out of their willingness to take life head on and take responsibility for the problems others often overlook or voluntarily complain about.
It is in those problems you've noticed and complained about but not willing to do a thing about that lies your sure path to creating wealth. What is keeping you broke is your nonchalant attitude to the pressing problems in your community. Stop running around looking for opportunities here and there and see opportunities in the problems in your community. Let's settle down and get to work in fixing our communities and nations, in there lies our truest wealth.
What are the prevalent problem plaguing my society right now? Make a list of it?
What are some of the solutions that I can think about to these nagging problems?
What can i do right now to reduce or completely eradicate some of these problems in my community?
How do I go about it? Do I package my solution into a product or render it as a service?
Who would need the value my solution bring?
Where can I find them?
How can I market it to them?
Remember, we are all personally responsible for creating the life and community we want to see. It starts with taking responsibility to the problems plaguing is as a people and as a state.
So for the love of God, our communities and nations, let's get to work.
The African Youth Heritage Society

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