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THE YCEO: What Do Students Like to Do During Their Spare Time?

What Do Students Like to Do During Their Spare Time?
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a saying that we’re all familiar with. While some people misuse this phrase for an excuse to indulge in unproductive and immoral behavior, it’s actually true that the mind and the body require time off from work for excitement, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
This is where leisure activities come in, and they’re particularly important for students, especially in college. But then again, we’re all created differently and everyone has their own peculiar way of spending their free time. Here are some things a majority of students do in their spare time.

Socializing and Networking

We live in a world where social media is part of our daily lives. It’s an internet-dominated age and as a student, socializing and checking up with friends and family on social media is something you can’t miss for the world. From Facebook to Instagram, SnapChat, and Whatsapp, these networking sites have become more than just an affair for the spare time even for working individuals. At the same, most guys in college, admit that they socialize more when they are not in class and don’t have too much school work to worry about.

Playing Online Games and Video Games

Especially for guys, there’s no better way to pass time than playing video games or betting at online casinos. As a matter of fact, you no longer have to walk into a casino or keep a gaming system in your dorm to enjoy your favorite games. Thanks to tech advancements in this area, apps have been created for games that you can download to your phone and play at will, anywhere, any time. Students who are more interested in online slot games can download and install the kiss918 app for free, a smartphone platform that carries a wide variety of online slot games. The app, which has both an iOS and an Android version, can be downloaded for free online and effortless installed. With this, the student is able to access games where they can place their bets and try their luck for that much-needed cash in college.


Especially if you’re a student, binge-watching will never go out of fashion. But during their spare time, guys even stay up all night watching Netflix, blockbuster movies and TV shows. Some will even finish a whole 10-episode series in one sitting. While it can be a good way to calm your nerves, and trigger your brain to release some happy chemicals, too much TV or overindulging can deny you the benefits of watching TV. Albeit, the focused few spend most of their time on YouTube, watching inspirational clips on topics they’re interested in.

Hanging Out With Friends

Parties are a student’s best friend. While parties are a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people, and make new friends, some of them, unfortunately, are misleading. Especially for teenage students, they can present opportunities for immoral behavior, peer pressure, exposure to drugs and alcohol, early pregnancies for girls, and all the other vices that come along with these.

Extracurricular Activities

For the athletic and health-minded student, you’ll always find them in the soccer field, tennis court, or basketball pitch. You’ll find others in the gym every few days, while some enjoy taking morning runs. All these physical activities are good for the student. Whether it’s jogging, lifting, swimming, or playing sports, exercise has many health benefits, physical, mental, and emotional. This is not to forget that in most places, students who excel best in athletics end up getting scholarships to college, postgraduate studies and beyond.
There are many things that students do in their leisure time. Some may be good, and some may be bad depending on the level of self-control. But as long as they’re not affecting your health, they are definitely on the good side.
source: Ameyaw Debrah

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