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THE YCEO: Meet Gregory Ankrah the founder & CEO of I Trash Technology Limited

Tech MatchMaking Waste Management Technology Company From Africa.
I trash Technology Company Limited operators of Your Trashman is Africa’s first Trash – Tech mobile eco-system, a for – profit social inclusive technology waste management company, with unique model designed to use the technological advancement of the century to revolutionize the entire waste management industry in Africa and beyond making us the future of waste management.
I trash Technology operators of Your Trashman was founded in 2017 and Registered in 2019 By Gregory Ankrah
Gregory Ankrah is the founder & CEO of  I Trash Technology Limited , Africa’s first Trash – Tech Matchmaking Waste Management Company
. He focuses on developing tailor-made strategies that suit the business needs and goals of his clients. With over 9 years experience in the entertainment industry and practical experience at management level for Marketing, Public Relations, Talent Bookings, Branding and Publishing; Gregory brought professionalism to the Entertainment industry with an understanding of the demands of a business environment. However he is now operating what he calls Africa’s first trash tech waste management company after few years of study in waste management and seeing it as a great challenge in Africa and the world at large.
Africa’s first Trash – Tech Matchmaking Waste Management Company
Principal Activities: Networking, Database management, Information Security, Innovative Matchmaking Waste Collection / Disposal and Recycling – Waste – Energy
Your Trashman Educate The Public To Reduce Waste
Pre collection: we use this platform to educate the public to play their individual role in preparing their trash for pick up beforehand, and request for collection early enough before decomposition takes place to prevent pollution, diseases and environmental crisis. Educating the public to avoid illegal dumping either at home, work and on the street through daily tips from Your Trashman App.
Your Trashman Transcends Service
Zero pollution: How you leave the environment after collection is crucial in achieving a cleaner and healthier world.
Did You Know?
Africa produces 70 million metric tones of municipal solid waste annually?
Only 10% of Municipal Solid Waste is collected today?
Africa will produce over 160 million metric tones of Municipal Solid Waste by 2020 according to a recent world bank urban development series report.
VisionTo provide alternative, innovative waste management service that is more convenient, accessible, reliable and affordable to everyone.
To Match Make anyone, anywhere with mobile trash representative for the most convenient waste disposal ever. To end the unmanaged garbage problems across Africa’s Cities, as well as empowering ordinary people to become “Trashpreneurs”. Creating more sustainable jobs, increasing enterprising and strengthening local economies.

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