THE YCEO: LISTEN WITH THE INTENT TO UNDERSTAND, Vusi Thembekwayo on Xenophobia Attacks. - YCEO Africa

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THE YCEO: LISTEN WITH THE INTENT TO UNDERSTAND, Vusi Thembekwayo on Xenophobia Attacks.

My thoughts: poor people are not stupid. They are poor. But they can reason for themselves & speak for themselves. We must be careful not sit in our middle-class comforts & rebuke or dictate how their behaviour or how their plight finds expression. - #SayNoToViolence

Judgement is easy. It’s immediate. It’s trendy & sure to get you RTs. But the test of true leader is in seeking to understand not to chastise. I am against any & all forms of violence. The race of the victim does not dictate my response. Violence is wrong. End of story.

For those who have been screaming on my TL, “why are you so quiet?” I am not quiet. I am trying to understand. These are not the first set of so called #xenophobiaattacks Tweeting didn’t deal with this issue last time. Neither will it address it this time.

We also can’t be surprised that these demonstrations have turned violent. This is on our lingua Franca as a country. If you want to be heard or for the authorities to do something about your plight, be violent. It’s been that way since since.

Those that experience the oppressive stench of poverty, crime & lost opportunities have a legitimate grievance. Maybe it’s time we LISTEN WITH THE INTENT TO UNDERSTAND. Maybe we should quit hashtags, find a community & walk the streets trying to understand.

I’ve spent this morning with some community leaders in Diepsloot. That’s where we need to be. On the ground. Seeking understanding. Practicing empathy.

Your voice doesn’t matter because you are verified or have data. Get over yourself. The earth’s axis doesn’t spin for you. Do something real & meaningful or frankly, just be keep quiet.

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