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I have thrown tantrums and vented today on social media today. 

But I am sure by now, some of you have heard about the young, level 300 medical student, who has allegedly, committed suicide by hanging himself, today. 
Listen people, let’s allow people to be who they are and what they are ant to be. 
Let’s allow them to live. 
Let’s guide, let’s advice, caution etc. 
But please let’s stop causing unnecessary fear, insecurity and lack of confidence, in people. 
Let’s stop the societal pressures of defining what, how, who .... a person must and should be. 
Let’s allow people to live with their flaws. 
Let’s allow them to fail, make mistakes without ‘shaming them into oblivion’. Mistakes are part of life. Failures are what we need to build on, to become better human beings. 
I failed and so what?
I have made mistakes and so What? (With a loud voice)
I didn’t get it right and so what?
I didn’t succeed... AND SO WHAT? 
Let’s allow people to live their choices...
I was angry this morning. 
But I have been saddened since this afternoon, because just last Saturday, i addressed medical students at UG, during their week celebration. 
It’s a shame isn’t it? 
Let’s be less critical, let’s be less judgmental...
Let’s be more celebratory, encouraging...
Let’s be supportive and inspirational. 
We are different. My item of pride may not be yours and it’s ok. 
What I see as success may be to you a failure. We are different.
The way I express my gratitude to God, the way I express my happiness may not be the same as how you do yours. 
But it’s fine. Live and let others live. 
My source of pride may be my child....
Yours may be your husband, money, cars, academic excellence, professional achievement etc. 
We all have a right to hold our head high...
Mehnnnn. Life is already tough. Let’s stop making it tougher for people. 
Let’s stop pushing people into depression. 
The world could do with a little bit more love, tolerance, acceptance and freedom to ‘breathe’. I am OHENEYERE Gifty Anti
I am a woman with super Crazy Faith in God 
I am determined to let you know that IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK. ITS OK TO LIVE YOUR LIFE BEING HAPPY.

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