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I'll be running out of metaphors 
So do not flinch for a moment 
Do not pay no mind to these chirpy birds 
Flying swiftly in this murky sky 
Do not let her vibe fool you

Am nothing but a damage loner
Who is neither happy here or Alive

So please listen carefully 
As the chills of sadness comes into
What was once warm
So do not be in a hurry 
To make black your favorite color 
Don't say hello to goodbye please 

It was 6:30
As the shadow around me deepen
So I went down on my knees 
With eyes full of tears and heart
Drowned by depression 
And said 

Father forgive me for I have sinned 
I took the life that was given to me through sin,because 
I no longer understand the language of self love 

I couldn't fight the crooning voices talking behind my mind 
Telling me it was okay to go to that painless place above
Where the thought of being ugly don't stain my skin
And the rain don't wet my clothes because 

have been running my whole life? 
But for once I'm still 
My brain is quiet 
For once someone is about to pick an outfit for me

And my sister is going to tell a lie 
Of how she loved me but not how 
She cut me with her words 

So tell my dad have lived well like a princess 
In this big dark castle of illusion 
My only regret is I wish I never muted
The radio on father's day 

I feel so sorry for my mother 
Tell her it's not her fault that every of her 
Kitchen utensils I held later became 
A weapon of my soul destruction 

Not a word to my bestfriend 
I don't want him to give me 
Silly reasons to live again

I have fought very well 
With my accusers 
So tell them I still 
Kept the torn uniform 
As a remembrance 
For how shattered 
My life became 

Cheers to my first love 
I hope he knows 
He was the only one sincere
To tell me to go to hell 
By keep playing the Goodbye
songs on repeat 

For those friends whom I gave my heart to 
When theirs was injured 
But payed no mind to my silent plight 
Tell them not give me a moment of silence 
Cos they already did to my troubles 

Whisper this to my brother 
Tell him I have struggled bitterly 
To outgrown the scars inflicted 
By him even though they made 
The smile on my jawline crooked 

Tell my ex our child would have been a year today 
But I made the right choices for the sake of my firm 

Tell the universe I have learned 
To live through the nightmare 
Life brought me 

But I won't do it 
Instead I'll search for myself 
as many times as i need to
I'll love myself deeply 
I'm not dying today

Lucas Henry thank you for the image

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