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THE YCEO: “I Have Survived 3 Civil Wars, Conquered. – Actor Juliet Ibrahim Shares Story: VIDEO

“I Have Survived 3 Civil Wars, Conquered.
Actor and philanthropist, Juliet Ibrahim has detailed her real life experiences in a recent snippet shared on her social media pages.
According to her she has survived three civil wars, conquered depression, amongst others.
The short video which is sort of a mini movie, shows Juliet in an African queen garment sitting and narrating her story.
She detailed “my life has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. I have cried, I have been broken, I have felt fear, I have had close shaves with death, I have been depressed, I have laughed, I have healed, I have been brave, I have survived.”
She added “every experience has shaped the woman I am today. From surviving 3 civil wars to becoming the Juliet Ibrahim.”
Towards the end, Juliet invited all her fans to join her on this new journey into her life, which she titled “A Toast To Life”. It hasn’t been confirmed whether it is a docu-series, a movie, or a book.

The stunning actor posted the video on her Instagram page with the caption “After so many years of sharing bits and pieces of my life with you, now, I am fully letting you into my world. The person you become is a collation of experiences of your life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hence, every experience is one I celebrate because I have overcome.”
The post went on “friends, join me and let’s have a toast to life. #atoasttolife.”
“Please visit my YouTube page by clicking the link in my bio to go on this journey with me,” she urged.
Juliet Ibrahim received the honorary fashion icon award at the annual Glitz Style Awards last year.

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