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THE YCEO: 6 Common Causes of Having a Low Self-esteem

6 Common Causes of Having a Low Self-esteem
Almost every problem we have can be blamed on how we were brought up or because of something uncomfortable that happened at one point in our lives, but self-esteem issues deal with one thing; the self. Anything that involves the self, we are responsible for it and responsible to treat its problems. Generally, the self is viewed as what makes you an individual; it’s the essential being of a person usually composed of perceptions, though it is more detailed and complex than that. Self-esteem is your perception of yourself, your self-worth and self-respect.
Self-esteem is almost always extreme. It may either go too low, causing lack of confidence, feeling defeated and like a loser. And it can go too high, often causing narcissist behavior, which is something that stems from false perception But the question here is what causes low self-esteem?
  1. Focusing on weaknesses: If we truly understood the meaning of ‘no one is perfect’ we’d have far fewer cases of low self-esteem. True, we can always be better, but the version of what you are today is the best version of yourself according to your knowledge and experience today; not according to what you will know or learn tomorrow. 
  2. Lack of confidence: We tend to think that lack of confidence is a byproduct of low self-esteem, but usually it’s the other way around; lack of confidence can bring on low esteem. Women tend to struggle with confidence, so it’s no surprise that they will take more action to build-up their confidence. As women age, they might want to do more to improve their physical appearance. The staff and doctors at My VIVAA understand the importance of this for women. That’s why you can find many non-invasive treatments at their clinic you can undergo, from coolsculpting on your body to Botox treatments. It’s not a cliché to say when you look good, you feel good and this helps bring back confidence.
  3. Lack of self-assertiveness: We all want things. When you go shopping, you tell the salesperson or clerk what you’re looking for, what you want. Wanting non-materialistic things are a bit more difficult to express. Wanting your boss to recognize your work, for instance, is more difficult to express for many people. We need to articulate more and leave behind our submissiveness or passiveness to get what we want. 
  4. Believing that others are better than you: Unless you can define what someone is better than you, then it’s maintained that people are only different from each other rather than better. Clearly someone might be better than you in a particular skill or job, but you are better than them at another skill. If you believe that others are better than you that means you are only focusing on your weaknesses and not your strengths.
  5. Integrity: Create your own strong values and live by them. As long as you accept your values, it doesn’t matter what other people say about them or whether they accept them or not. People with good self-esteem rarely pay attention to what others think of them or say about them. They validate themselves rather than seeking the validation of others.
  6. Negative outlook: A main factor of low self-esteem is having a negative attitude. A gloomy outlook on life doesn’t help anyone’s esteem, neither yours nor the people around you. Have a more positive view, and consciously be aware of all the good things that makes you special.

  7. Live purposefully

    What makes you move? What and why do you want to do something? What excites you? What do you dream of? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and keep asking till you get your answers. When you find a purpose in your life, a lot of petty things will not matter anymore. Anything that is in your control, you can improve, so don’t put all your energy and focus on the things can’t control. You cannot have low self-esteem when you value yourself and become a person you admire.  

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