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THE YCEO: Bring Personal Development Through Reflective Meditation

Bring Personal Development Through Reflective Meditation
Across the world, people are slowly beginning to realize the benefits of regular meditation. By improving your focus and redirecting your thoughts, you can become more self-aware and also develop a greater knowledge of the world around you. Meditation helps you reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Your sleep cycle improves and you’ll feel more positive in general. These are only some of the ways in which regular meditation can improve your life.

There is a multitude of meditation techniques and you can choose whichever is most suited for your lifestyle. They can all be clubbed under one of these five heads – concentration meditation, mindfulness meditation, reflective meditation, creative meditation, and heart-centered meditation. The focus of this article is on reflective meditation and how it greatly accelerates your own personal development. If you wish to know more about the other types of meditation, you can follow this link.

All of us have many abilities that are nested deep within us. Tapping into them is not easy but it is very much possible. In fact, if you’ve ever had an epiphany which cleared up something confusing that had been troubling you for a while, it is a manifestation of your own power. When you practice reflective meditation, this is the ability you’re bringing to the forefront.

Essentially, in reflective meditation, you focus all of your concentration and thought into one idea. This focus has to be maintained until you’ve completely wiped out your superficial resources, making space for your mind to become truly inspired by the superconscious. Think of it as a way to bridge the gap between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. But, it is difficult because our minds tend to wander off. Each time you stray, you need to make yourself come back to that one idea which you started with.

This idea can be anything. You can think of something as abstract as the meaning behind all of existence or you can focus on scientific concepts that fascinate you.  Just remember to leave behind all your judgments and prejudices when you enter this state of being. Let openness and curiosity carry you through the door.

Once you have chosen the idea, contemplate on it. Don’t let it go until you attain a state of perfect lucidity. This will propel you towards a conclusion that allows you to relate better to that idea. The next step is to let your contemplation fall away while just holding onto your understanding of what that idea is. This lets your intuition kick in and takes you to a place of deeper concentration. Once you sense other thoughts coming in, you can end your meditation or try to enter into a deeper state of focus.

You can choose to meditate from three perspectives. Looking at an idea from a third person perspective shows you how it is traditionally understood. It makes you aware of how superficial our normal thought processes are and reinforces the need for you to wake up and practice vigilance. This type of meditation is in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha who encouraged his disciples to stay mindful and to concentrate on the present moment. Staying grounded is important so that we don’t waste time going over the past or dreaming about the future, thereby forgetting the importance of the present.

So, how does reflective meditation help you in your personal development? The first change you will notice once you’ve become accustomed to reflection is that you are beginning to rethink your path. Everyone has a tendency to stray and reflection allows you the time to think about where you have gone wrong and what opportunities are available to you.

Secondly, it brings out the innate abilities you have within yourself. The more practiced you become, the deeper you can look. You will be able to dig out your powers, no matter how deeply they’ve been buried by the external pressures of living in this world. Thirdly, it will teach you positivity. By making you grow in mindfulness, reflective meditation ensures that you don’t take decisions in haste. You think things through and this reduces your chances of failure.

Lastly, reflective meditation keeps you to stay grounded in your present situation while also making you mindful of the future. Meditate on your ambitions so that you can make the right choices. This just scratches the surface of how reflective meditation can change your life and help you become the best version of yourself. Most of all, it helps you find peace. It gives you an opportunity to get away from the cacophony of the outside world, but it isn’t a form of escapism. In the stillness that you create for yourself, you can view reality with greater insight and objectivity.

There is infinite knowledge to be gained in this world and in this one life that we get, we barely make a dent in it. Techniques like these help us make the most of the time that we have. This is a chance for you to live your best life, so take it and you won’t have any regrets.

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