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THE YCEO: Why first impression is very important?

Why first impression is very important?
The ethos of communication is the ethical part that revolves around the person you really are. But most importantly it is about the person you are perceived as. The way you are perceived by someone largely determines the influence you have over other people. Everything that you do or don’t do either adds to or takes away from your credibility and capability to influence someone. Everything that counts involves your image or appearance and gives your first impression.

People get your first impression within the 30 seconds of the initial contact with them. This is something that happens even before you get sufficient time to demonstrate your abilities. The first impression that is created is often irreversible if you appear fit, clean, confident, stylish, and pleasant; it helps you to win folks over. If you are concerned about yourself whether you create a good first impression when you meet people, you need to make sure to do the following:

Remain fit:
Your fitness has an important role to play in your physical appearance therefore, pay a lot of attention to doing exercise. It is also seen that employees who are overweight are less productive and less energetic as compared to the ones who remain fit.

Dress properly and accordingly:
Your dressing sense plays a big role in creating a good first impression. This makes it more important to make sure that your wardrobe is tailored, clean, and neat. Your dressing should be stylish and appropriate according to your position because it will give you an extra sharp look that will help you a lot professionally.

Some people don’t pay attention to their hairstyle which makes them look like a complete wreck. So, get a good haircut and keep it what suits you best instead of going for shaggy and sloppy trendy hairstyles.

Keep your face tidy:
The first impression is not just about your clothes, a person who meets you for the first time also look at your face. Therefore, keeps tabs on beards and mustaches. If you have mustaches and a beard, they should look clean and tidy. As female workers are concerned, they should be aware that their makeup is appropriate.

Stand straight:
If you slouch, it immediately gives the impression that you are not confident enough to face people. Keep an excellent straight posture when you meet people and keep a smile on your face. When you are pleasant and confident, it makes it a lot easier to create a good first impression.

Saima Ikram

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