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THE YCEO: Keeping an Entrepreneur Journal

One of the most talked about habit of successful entrepreneurs, is the record of keeping journals. This is because, as an entrepreneur, either as an emerging or established, you have lot of tasks to handle, especially out of business.

But in an era, where you can’t afford a personal assistant, the most recommended habit is to keep a journal. If it is for your business, a solely dedicated journal will help keep track of your journey and also know the task ahead of you that needs to be completed.

Aside buying a diary from the bookshop for this task, several mobile applications such as, Day One, Journey, Momento, etc have being highly recommended for use by anyone.

Facebook notes, also comes highly recommendable, when you want to keep your journal either in private or public online.

In keeping a business journal, you are indirectly documenting your entrepreneurial journey, which gives you the right reference for meetings and decisions that you engaged in.
In doing this, you would be focused on the goals of your business and with the task of managing a business, your successor has an important document to review for continued success.

Keeping a journal also helps you to make the right plans and decisions while aiding you the possibility to think over your ideas.

Always remember, to keep a neat handwriting and mark important details a “code colour”.
The journal must also have this important details attached,  “venue, date, time, attendees & purpose” for you to be able to give comprehensive reports or minutes.

Prince Akpah
MD, Avance Media

Model: @MPemmanuelafrica

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