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THE YCEO: Anita Erskine celebrated by Forbes

Anita Erskine celebrated by Forbes
It is no secret that Ghana’s Anita Erskine literally bares an insatiable hunger for success on the global media landscape. This would explain why over the years, she has meticulously harnessed an enviable trademark of consistency with her work ethic, added new areas of interest to the blue print of her career masterplan, all the while creating a household name for herself.

In an extremely flattering feature in Forbes, written by contributor, Meghan McCormick, Erskine is celebrated for her obvious contribution to the young crop of African Entrepreneurs whose boldness, resilience and innovation is “Rebranding Africa” positively.

“I have always had a calculated business approach towards my work in the Media. I have remained steadfast in what kind of shows I do, and indeed what I put my name on. I remain adamant that Africa needs a certain story to be told and I believe we, as Africans have to OWN that narrative. Our problems and the plethora of voids we bare on the continent, have to be solved and filled by us! It is my mission to celebrate those who do this impeccably…for me, that is where my career moments of pride are!” says Anita Erskine.

Erskine, who has, for many years added her voice to the fight for the empowerment of Women, has always molded and packaged her personality to plug in to the general socio – economic advancement of Africans both on the continent and around the world.

Produced by Ifactory Live and created by Michael Djaba, the hit TV show, Making of A Mogul, highlights African entrepreneurs across the globe as they describe their turbulent journeys to success. Anita films in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja),Ghana,United Kingdom,Kenya,South Africa, the UAE and the USA. Now in its sixth year, the numerous seasons of Making of a Mogul have cumulatively  reached over 20 million households across the continent and diaspora. Segmented into specialized areas such as ‘The Ladies Edition”, which currently airs on Fox Life Africa.

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