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THE YCEO: It Cost Nothing To Be Yourself

It Cost Nothing To Be Yourself 
Have you realized that it cost nothing to be yourself? It has always being very expensive trying to live like another or walk in the shoes of other people.

One thing you need to understand in life is you are your most powerful tool and like the manufacturer of every gadget will attach a menu to it just in case you need some help trying to access the gadget , it is the same way God has placed something in you called Purpose.

 Your purpose or living a purposeful life gives you a full ability to tap into your whole self.
Don't live your life trying to imitate others, it will not be worth it at the end of the day.
 Know why God created you different, know why God made you slim and not big .. just know this and tap into your significance.

 Knowing your purpose makes you significant to achieve all.

Can we dive more into this tomorrow?

Aaron Adu Ayim

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