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THE YCEO: 7 ways to grow your professional network while working from home

7 ways to grow your professional network while working from home
Working from home can be great as it gives you freedom and flexibility to work on your own terms. Also, it does not involve any commute which makes you work without wasting any time. Although working from home has benefits but growing your professional network can sometimes seem downright impossible.

For this purpose, following are the few ways to grow your network:

Join a Twitter Chat:
Working from home does not mean you cannot be social. You can participate in a LinkedIn discussion or a Twitter Chat so that you can connect with people who are interested in the same topic.

Send out notes to professional contacts:
Although nowadays everything is digital but nothing can beat the old fashioned handwritten notes. Therefore, send out handwritten notes to the professionals you have met saying thanks or post congratulations card to those who have recently been promoted to a better position. It will make you remembered by them more than if you contact them through email.

Market yourself through blogs:
If you have the skill to write, participate in a weekly blog through a guest post. On LinkedIn, publish your own informative post and reach out to an industry blog.

Sift through the messages:
Many of your important emails can get buried under so many daily emails. Therefore, make time to tackle the unanswered emails. If you are asked to join for a meetup, don’t ignore it and reply as soon as possible. You will see your schedule filling up with get together and meet-ups.

Reach out:
There must be someone you are truly inspired within your field. Then it is time to reach out to them through social media, comment on their most recent blog, and chances are, you will hear back from them.

LinkedIn recommendation:
Write a LinkedIn Recommendation by visiting profiles of current or former co-workers helps to increase your presence on LinkedIn. Once you do that, it will increase your chances of getting a solid recommendation in return.

When it comes to increasing your professional network, search for opportunities to volunteer. It is a great way to meet new contacts and a less formal and rigid environment. Therefore, find a cause you want to get involved with and volunteer your time, the reward will be great.

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