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THE YCEO: 5 Best Business Writing Tools to Improve Your Productivity

5 Best Business Writing Tools to Improve Your Productivity
Business writing is crucial to business success. But time is also of the essence. How can business owners and employees optimize their use of time? The Internet is creating an environment in which business moves at breakneck speed; however, it is also generating tools, apps, and other aids for creating quality business writing faster. Here are a few tools that are great for improving the business writing process.

1. Dragon Dictation

One very helpful app for those who should make the most of their time is Dragon Dictation. This is a high level dictation app for smartphones and iPads that allows people to “write” a rough draft while they are driving, walking, cooking, or engaging in any other activity that doesn’t allow for typing. It can be used for emails, drafts, and notes. In an increasingly fast-paced world, sometimes a business writer cannot afford to sit down and write. Also, sometimes inspiration strikes when the writer is driving and cannot simply pull off the highway to jot things down. “This tool increases productivity by allowing the writer to take advantage of inspiration whenever it strikes, and by capitalizing on time that is being used for what would otherwise be mundane personal chores,” notes Gill Payton, a business writer at APA Writing Service.

2. Unsuck It

One problem in business writing continually plagues businesses: the tendency to write in jargon that alienates the listener. “Using trendy words such as “going forward” is infamous for distancing clients, causing employees to balk, and even making the writer sound less professional,” explains Jeff Mitchell, Content Manager at ConfidentWriters. Unsuck It is a helpful tool for removing off-putting jargon and other unpleasant-sounding language from the copy. If the user types a trendy phrase like “going forward” into the tool, then they receive a selection of different ways to express the concept with more straightforward and pleasant language; in the case of “going forward,” it produces “in the future.” This increases productivity by acting as a helpful thesaurus, so the writer does not have to spend time brainstorming new phrases. The results also improve productivity by improving the reader’s attention to and sympathy for the message in the copy. If a company has a tendency to send communications that are ignored, Unsuck It can help them spend everyone’s writing and reading time more efficiently.

3. AtomicReach

AtomicReach is another tool that helps business writing become more effective with less effort, particularly when it comes to businesses that depend on social media for their advertising and customer outreach. This app plugs into social media and analyzes whether the proposed piece of writing will lead to engagement with that account’s friends or followers. This way, a writer in charge of the business’s social media accounts does not have to waste time on guesswork when writing posts. It will also save time dealing with the fallout from ineffective posts.

4. Evernote Web Clipper

This is an extremely helpful tool for business writing that involves a lot of research. Evernote Web Clipper captures and organizes screenshots of any page on the Internet that the writer chooses. Instead of keeping a dozen tabs open while doing research, or having to find their way back to a particular web address, the user can simply go into the Evernote app and have access to all of the necessary clips in the research project. This increases productivity by allowing the writer to centralize the research needed to complete the project.

5. Google Tasks

Finally, for business writers who find much of their time being absorbed by simply managing and remembering their tasks, Google Tasks is the simplest way to arrange and consolidate their scheduling and task list. This app simply uses the Chrome Omnibar to add tasks to the list quickly and easily; then, the tasks are displayed across all of the user’s devices and programs. Combined with the above tools, this central task manager can safeguard the user’s time and productivity with minimal effort.

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Paul Bates works as an employee performance manager at Example Papers. He is a regular contributor at Buzzfeed, SwiftPapersand EssayTaskblogs.

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