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We've all heard the expression, no man is an island, how many of us really believe that or live in that state of active consciousness and bring that reality into our lives and relationships daily?

There is nothing as powerful as relationship, it is the very nature on which all of life is anchored on. God is a relational being and it is this quest for fellowship that birthed the creation of man, man being made in His image is also a relational being which birthed the creation of Eve. How relational are you?

No one thrives in isolation, even artist, writers and inventors need the public to appreciate and gain access to their work. Though the solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind to find expression, the object being created is for the benefit of others and society at large.

"Life doesn't make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all." - Erik Erikson

If you look around you now, you'd quickly discovered the world is one big ecosystem, everything living or inanimate depends on another for its survival. Man needs the oxygen released by plants for his daily survival whereas the plants needs the carbon dioxide released by man for its existence, we are all interdependent entities.

But to be able to give you must be in a place and position to adequately receive, this is where many fail, their inability to discern or recognise key relationships God has brought and placed into their lives to advance them into their next level in destiny.

Many erroneously believe that they would receive whatever God wants to give them from God Himself, but this is so far from the truth, if you study the Bible and look all through human history, you'd quickly discover God doesn't really work outside of man, He seem to always work in harmony with a nan or group of people to bring about His Will and purposes for a life or nation.

Here's a few example, His plan for redemption had to be orchestrated through a man, Jesus, His plan for Israel deliverance from Egypt by a man, Moses, to preserve Israel from world famine, a man Joseph, His will and purposes for your life would not be too different don't you think?

So you must learn to be discerning. Who are the relationships God has brought and strategically placed into your life to bring you into the next level of your walk with Him and closer to fulfilling His call on your life?

Learn to discern them and place value on those relationships, they are lifesavers and actually would leap you into manifesting your destiny, it is the obedience and service of Joshua that caused him to succeed Moses.

In the secular world it is known as mentor - apprentice relationship, who is a voice in your life?
Most of us erroneously think, we don't have need for a mentor or that our lives would be far better without one, but it has been proven throughout history that men who subject themselves to the voice of those who have gone ahead of them in life end up making quantum leap than those who had no foresight or preview into life's coming events to adequately prepare themselves for it.

“If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”― Issac Newton

So I ask, who is your mentor?
Who is speaking into your life?
Don't say well I don't need anyone to speak into my life, I hear from God directly, true but God also works with and through people, the Bible you now read was written by God inspired men, men can be inspired this days too by God to be a voice into your life.

Mentors are priceless, they are valuable resource if you intend to maximise your life and exert your impact fully here on earth. The reality is that they have something to give, you have something to receive, it's the receiver that needs to extend her hand of fellowship to draw out from the mentor what he seek and it takes a certain level of humility to reach out. It has nothing to do with age, color of the skin or any other artificial barriers the arrogant block themselves with from receiving the wisdom that comes with being mentored.

I for example have been blessed and still being blessed with the gifts of mentors in my life, for all areas of my life that I conscious work on developing and bring about, there is a man or woman speaking constantly into my life, from my spiritual walk with God, to my personal finances, to my relationships, career, you name it. It is one of the quickest way to scaling new heights into destiny. Now it will shock you to know some of these people are way younger than me, others older, it's inconsequential, it didn't deter me, I'm the one looking for something and I always tell one of my mentee who is also on this group that, ' though a man may be young in age he can be old in hours'. It simply means he has been more active than others in the business of living due to effective and efficient use of his time.

Now you may not get direct access to the mentors you seek and may probably want for many possible factor, but that's where your creativity and ingenuity comes in, most of these people who have poured out their lives and extended experiences into mine do so not necessarily in person per se but through their books, articles, messages and teachings, embrace it. You may not get access to their physical presence now but be a devourer of their books and messages, eat it until it breath life into you, that's how you'd eventually come alive and if you hold the image of meeting them in person long enough, it will physically manifest someday, it's a law. (You can check my article on the power of the mind to gain more understanding of this law).

Now to get started on this enormous truth and start drawing on the benefits it brings, you have to decide right now on the areas of your life you want and seek to grow in this year and ask yourself who do I know right now in person or I've heard or read about experiencing the kind of success in this area that I seek to bring about into my life right now?

This way you are conscious of the mentors you both need and reach out for, this is meant to be a very deliberate process because it has the capacity to make or break you, that's why you need discernment in going about this. You must listen to your intuition and the inner witness of God's Spirit within you (if you're a Christian). I tell my people get a mentor for every possible aspect of your life because life is an indivisible whole. You can't really afford to be doing well spiritually and your finances and health is in ruin, find specific mentors for these areas too or you'd fall into a black hole, I've been there it would literally devour the life out of you.

So you must ask yourself right now, where am I right now? And who must i become to be and do all I am created and called by God to be and do? Further since there is nothing new under the sun, who is living right now or must have lived here on earth that has experienced or is experiencing the level of success I currently seek to experience? What is it that they know or are doing differently from me, that I need to learn and incorporate into my life to experience the level of success I now seek?

Be intentional about this, when you start seeking, you'd most likely discover like I did that it's your level of ignorance or inaction that is your biggest impediment and as you work towards eradicating them, you start skyrocketing your way to the very top. Success is easy when you take the attitude of a servant and you are intentional in your search. Submitting under a mentor is the fastest way to grow and obtain a great life. Start seeking them out right now, go on Amazon, your local bookshop, go on YouTube, Google, search them out, who does your heart and spirit resonate with? Start understudying them even from a distance, I do that very well. Start where you are, buy their books and materials and start soaking them, it's the fastest way to grow, but let your search be guided.

They could be living or dead men but their works still speak and loudly I might ask, these are people with the level of result you seek to bring about into your life, aim high. What is it about their lives that amazes you so much, write it down, in so doing you get tremendous insight into your own life, question yourself, why do I admire these men so much, what traits and/or results do I admire in them so much, what is it about them that gets to me deeply? In so doing you glean valuable information about yourself and your life, your purpose and calling.

This is the reason we study biographies of people we admire, it is to simply discover and reproduce the kind of success they have experienced. I myself I'm still being mentored by people who are long dead and gone from the earth but their lives and works still speaks are are a tremendous blessing to me even till date.

Never come to the point where you come to believe that you don't need any man, that's a recipe for disaster, we all live in an interdependent reality and self conceit is the beginning of a slow but sure dive to the ground. We all need each other, that's the interdependency of life. Pride they say goes before a fall.

Finally, you must understand that to succeed in life you need to be be confident in what you do know and can do but also you need to be confident enough to realise what you don't know and be brave enough to go out and acquire what you don't know in other to fulfill the call of God completely upon your life. There is really nothing new under the sun and the success you aspire to is really another man's experience. This should keep you humble and aggressive in reaching out.

So take out the time now to analyse all the areas of your life you need growth right now and decide on the outcome and direction you want to experience in each areas, then in front of these areas, who is it right now experiencing the level of success that you currently seek to experience in that area, and write him or her down and consciously reach out to them in the ways and means that you can afford for now, you'd be shocked at the leap you'd make this year by this alone.

Never undervalue the value of relationships nor the gift of a mentor in your life, your speedy growth depends heavily on it.

I call you blessed ❤
Ebobo John Oritseweyinmi
Transformational Coach, Author and founder The African Youth Heritage Foundation

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