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Trading time for money is the worst kind of trade you can ever make with your life.

Why? Your time on earth is limited and whereas you can always get more money, you can't get more time, so you must invest life wisely. Life is not given for the pursuit of money, you exist for so much more.

Life is made up of priceless moment, like being around to watch your kids grow and impact life values in them, like being available to spend precious time with your baby girl, the wife of your youth, like having the time and energy to invest in ministerial projects and charitable works you're passionate about, like being able to go on numerous holidays and family vacation around the world.

It is possible and you don't have forever to live these memories, every day is vital. So you must act promptly and wisely. It's time to take it back, this is your life and you only live once, so would you rather spend the majority of your life in a job, with your boss or doing the things you love and are passionate about, with the people you care for and who care about you most in the world?

Stop being exploited, it's time to own your life and control your future, there are alternative ways to make money as oppose to trading all of your time and energy (life) in pursuit of it.

There comes a point in a man's life where he must move from the point of just working for money to a world where money starts works for him so he can take charge of his life and do the things that really matter.
Always remember, your dreams are valid!
Take it back!

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