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THE YCEO: WHAT IS THE REMEDY - Ebobo John Oritseweyinmi

It's a well known truth that there are no jobs out there, old jobs are gradually becoming obsolete, new jobs requires skills and insights not previously taught in our colleges. Old graduates are beginning to come to terms with this reality, fresh graduates would soon be introduced to it sooner or later after their service to our nation, it's only a matter of time.

While nothing is done in preparing our youths for this eventuality, I believe one of the remedy is to equip ourselves by becoming entrepreneurs, in doing so we take charge not only of our economic future but for the destiny of our nations as well.

The question now for every young person is where do I find the money, time,  acquire the knowledge, character and skills required to thrive in the world of business, this is precisely why I believe network marketing is the perfect solution for any budding youth serious about taking charge of his or her life and willing to work hard to ensure this.

Not only is network marketing an excellent way for you to avoid the Rat race that has plunge older generations and has limited the economic development of our nations, but Network marketing gives you, yes you the opportunity with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build your own income generating assets and acquire great wealth while having also the time and energy to live a productive life.

While many whine and groan from the lack of jobs, others spend between two to five years or more submitting one cv or the other in hope to be called up for an interview, you can in that same span of time build a highly successful business and organisation, one you can't be sacked or retired from, and one you can just as easily bequeath to your children as oppose to a job.

If you are serious about taking charge of your life, and willing to live the life you design for yourself and most importantly ready to commit the time, thought and energy required to learn the skill in other to live a highly productive life and realize your trueself, then I can help you.

In this industry, a few years of grinding can produce a life time of freedom.
Network marketing is a perfect opportunity for any budding youth, it's high time you take a critical look. I recommend it highly for our youths!

Ebobo John Oritseweyinmi
Co-Founder, The African Youth Heritage Foundation

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