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One of the tragedy of our age is that most people come into the world at birth and exit at death without really living. Don't let this be you, life is given for a reason and money shouldn't be the primary motivation for your life, purpose is.

Most lose majority of their time and youthful energy and passion slaving away in a job only to get to the end of their lives poorly compensated and with regrets discovering that they rather existed and didn't truly lived. They lived for mundane things that become nothing to write home about. Don't simply exist, you are bigger than that, you're made to thrive, as an Eagle you belong to the sky, refuse to be caged, get to soaring.

Your life is precious and today is valuable, make it count. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. The future doesn't yet exist, the future is now being created by your everyday decision. When you think about it this way, what future are you creating for yourself?

Think how precious and fleeting life is and you'd understand you don't have forever to make a sound decision, you've got to act now!

Don't waste your entire life building another man's dream when you should be spending it pursuing purpose and investing in the relationships you care about and things that are important to you. What is important to you?

Every minute of your life should be fully lived, enjoyed and savored, if you are not happy with your job, find an alternative and change it, we've outgrew the era of slave trade, don't resign yourself to it again.

Maximise each waking moment, that's all you have and all you've been given, make it count.
Stop living from paycheck to paycheck, or waiting to start living when you hit retirement age, you're bigger than that, take charge now. You're the boss, you don't have to wait till retirement or you're sacked before you start living.

There is so much to life than living for a job, or anticipating the next pay check. If you have all the money you need right now, would you still wake up to that job? When you think about it this way, you'd quickly realise that you never really needed a job in the first place, what you needed was a way to money.

A job is not the only way to make ends meet, as a matter of fact its the worse, Reading time primarily for money is a fool's trade, I wouldn't indulge in it. Besides there are alternative ways to make outside working a conventional 9-5 job.

" I Can't Afford to Waste My Time Making Money."
- The great 19th-century naturalist and Harvard professor Louis Agassiz

There are ways you can make money without expending all of your time and individual effort for it. Each waking day is an opportunity to live life to the fullest.This is your life, you've got to make it count!
Day after day, you're slowly but surely coming to the end of your life, each day brings you closer to your grave, it's time to set yourself free and start living on purpose.

My name is Ebobo John Oritseweyinmi and I want to help you!

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