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One of the interesting and fun way to earn in the 21st century is through Multi Level Marketing. Various companies need to expose their products to the public and would pay handsomely to distributors who can not only educate the public but help bridge the gap, and these companies also organise award ceremonies to honor their successful leaders or associate.

It is done in this way:
Most companies give awards to their business associate or distributors annually as a recognition for their excellent performance. Besides that, they send them on foreign trips, to tourist centres such as Shanghai Tower, Beijing, Malaysia, Disneyland, Dubai, New York and other places of interest. These companies pay for all expenses incurred on such trips.

Most companies organize such trips twice or thrice yearly. The companies also organize dinners to host their successful business associates or distributors in 5 star-hotels in their country of operation and beyond. During such occasions, gifts such as cash awards, i-pads, plasma televisions etc are given to the leaders or distributors.

Multi Level Marketing companies pay their top business associate or distributors handsome bonuses that run into millions of dollars. This is a beautiful thing that happens in almost every plausible Multi Level Marketing company.

Anniversary celebration is done to show appreciation to all the business associate or distributors both old and the new.  After dining and wining, car awards may be given to those who are qualified for car awards. This is done to encourage all business partners or distributors to improve their performance. This is a motivational strategy. After such an occasion, many distributors would work harder to be among the next awardees the following year.

Besides these awards, some companies build villas for their top distributors. In fact, the awards they give to such recipients are so great that many distributors who witness the presentations are encouraged to work harder to win in the next award.

Another important thing in this business is that in case a distributor dies, his business could be transferred to his/her next of kin as a legacy. The transferability of such estate makes Multi Level Marketing a wonderful business enterprise.

In fact, Multi Level Marketing is a life-changing experience for those who persevere in the business. Their life style would change and they live in opulence and enjoy financial and time freedoms. Successful practitioners in this business easily attain self-actualisation.

To conclude, I would like to invite my readers to join this business model today so as to experience transformation in their business life tomorrow. Remember, life is not worth living anyhow’ - it is a feasible way to take charge of your life and financial future. I recommend it highly!


John W Ebobo

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